Gilmore Girls: Season 6 Re-cap


Season six, boy oh-boy. It’s very much of a clunker for me in a few ways. Lorelai and Rory spend almost half of it separated and in a major fight. The rest of the time Lorelai is sinking into a downhill spiral because Luke, for a reason unbeknown to me, doesn’t think to tell her right away ‘hey Lorelai, I have a kid.’ And then totally shuts her out of having anything to do with the BIGGEST change in in his life. Lorelai could have actually helped him and she has to get to know Lorelai anyway because once they marry, SHE WILL BE HER STEP MOTHER AND HAVE A PART IN HER LIFE WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT. Whoosh, I am getting a bit wired up so I will have to let it go right here. *takes another sip of coffee*

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