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Gilmore Girls Season 5 Recap

Hi guys. It has been A WHOLE SEASON since I last wrote a post here. I have been watching one episode a day, but university has got the better of me and well here we are.

Season five is not one my favourites and i think so much of it is to do with the break down of Rory. I have never really been a huge Rory fan, but to me it made me completely turn off her character. I cannot blame Logan for her change, though I did the first viewing, and now I kind of have a more educated view of it. When she decides to steal a yacht, I could only wonder how she didn’t have a stronger core when people don’t fawn all over her. But that is how Lorelai raised her, letting Rory know that she is a perfect creature who does nothing wrong. Lorelai is strong and has always defended her daughter when someone tells her that Rory is less than perfect. But Lorelai made sense when she told Rory that Mitchum only knew her two weeks and couldn’t judge her abilities in that time. And he is only one person. One person who also may have had an ulterior motive. I would have been upset too, but I think Rory took it way too far by stealing a boat.

Lorelai and Luke, though. THOSE LOVE BIRDS. I love them as a couple. Though can we be honest that Luke probably deserves better than Lorelai. I mean, he does everything for her. Everything. Oh, Luke. Then there is Paris and Doyle, no one deserves each other more than those two.

Then there is all the drama, so much of it. Emily and Richard have their fair share, Lorelai and Luke have theirs. Rory and Logan too.