Recap: Bunheads

So, I watched Bunheads for a second time. I originally watched it in 2017, after all the Gilmore stuff finished and I was looking for something to fulfil that even for a bit. I watched it on a flight to/from Europe and was almost finished it when we touched down back home. I think I might have even finished it the next day in a haze of jet lag. Anyway, jet lag and plane free I gave it a second watch this last week. And I did enjoy most of it as much as I remember.

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Gilmore Girls: A Re-cap


I first watched the show at the start of 2016, when the hype about the revival was everywhere. Unlike a lot of shows I had watched before, I immediately connected with Gilmore Girls. Particularly the relationship between Lorelai and Emily. So, I thought I would wrap up the best and worst of Gilmore Girls with my least favourite and favourite episodes.

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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – Recap


Goodbye Gilmore Girls, our journey was an interesting one. A revival that came almost a decade after the show ended, that even on first viewing in November 2016, kind of felt like a let down to me. I remember being excited for it and watching it all in one sitting the moment that it was released. Mind you, I live in a country where it was only 7pm at release time, so it was over at about 1am. Not quite as bad a pulling an all nighter. I haven’t watched it since, but now with over two years of distance there still is a let down feeling. I loved getting everyone back, that entire world. And I can see how that ending would have worked when Rory was 22 and had just graduated college, but at 32 it didn’t pack quite as much of a punch.

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Gilmore Girls: Season 7 Re-Cap


Ah, Gilmore Girls we have almost reached our end. This season had a slow start, but it picked up towards the end. This season, like any show that continues after the creator leaves, was really missing a little something. But to me, I would almost put it on par with the sixth season. I mean, new show runners but drama still ensues. Lorelai and Christopher marry, Logan and Rory do long distance and Luke really steps into his dad mode.

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Gilmore Girls: Season 6 Re-cap


Season six, boy oh-boy. It’s very much of a clunker for me in a few ways. Lorelai and Rory spend almost half of it separated and in a major fight. The rest of the time Lorelai is sinking into a downhill spiral because Luke, for a reason unbeknown to me, doesn’t think to tell her right away ‘hey Lorelai, I have a kid.’ And then totally shuts her out of having anything to do with the BIGGEST change in in his life. Lorelai could have actually helped him and she has to get to know Lorelai anyway because once they marry, SHE WILL BE HER STEP MOTHER AND HAVE A PART IN HER LIFE WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT. Whoosh, I am getting a bit wired up so I will have to let it go right here. *takes another sip of coffee*

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Gilmore Girls: Season 5 Recap


Season 5 has just flown by and one that starts strong and ends with a huge cliffhanger. We see Luke and Lorelai start their inevitable relationship. We see Rory become the entitled girl that cannot take a little bit of criticism because she has been told she is the best all of her life so far. I guess when your told your perfect every day by the entire town you grew up in you start to believe it. In better news, Richard and Emily reunite and Lorelai asks Luke to marry her.

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Gilmore Girls: Season 4 – Recap


Season four, done and done. I do enjoy this seasons and I think they do a great job of transitioning Rory to college in a way that doesn’t ruin the show. Though she does a lot of laundry at home. Sookie becomes a mother, The Dragonfly is in the works, Emily and Richard’s marriage is falling apart, Paris is Rory’s dorm mate and I am ecstatic.

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