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Gilmore Girls 1×05: Cinnamon’s Wake


Lorelai: Mom, you socialised with a known nazi? That’s despicable, that heinous.

Emily: No dear, that was a joke.


Max asks Lorelai out on a date and Lorelai holds off telling Rory until it’s too late. Babette and Maury’s cat dies and the town attends the wake. Written by Daniel Palladino and Directed by Michael Katleman.


Emily is on fire with the jokes in the cold open. You can definitely tell where Lorelai gets her quick wit from. Lorelai and Max see each other again and then go out for coffee, which is mostly awkward because she wants to go on a date with him but he is her daughter’s teacher. Rory and Dean and the most awkward bus encounter, seriously. Lorelai is talking to Sookie and literally everyone in the diner, but Sookie, got that Lorelai was talking about sex. Honestly. Babette’s cat passes away and everyone goes to their house for a wake. Sookie and Luke both bring food and are arguing about where it should go. Rory sees Max come to collect Lorelai for a date and Lorelai still hasn’t told Rory about him yet which she probably should have done. Babette and Lorelai have an honest moment in her kitchen and Lorelai comforts her. Lorelai and Rory argue because Lorelai should have told Rory that her teacher had asked Lorelai out.






Someone who loves TV, coffee and having fun.

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