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Gilmore Girls 1×04: The Deer Hunters


Rory: Lorelai, go to your room.


Rory gets a D on a paper and stays up all night studying, only to wake up late and have to rush to school to get to her test on time. Written by Jed Siedel and Directed by Alan Myerson.


Tristan go away, just go back to where you crawled out of and leave Rory alone. This guy is just a zero, right? Back at the inn. Sookie is NOT happy with her review because the critic did not like her magical lasagne. Lorelai is a four-year-old and will NOT stop talking to Rory who is studying. Sookie and Rory are so sad over their review and the D on her English paper. Lorelai is soooo awkward when she gets to the parent-teacher conference. Paris, oh my god, you need to take it down a notch girl. Like, this is beyond the intensity I am used to with Paris. Rory and Lorelai have a late studying night and wake up late, of course. Rory has to drive to school and a deer hits Lorelai’s car, so she turns up late and cannot do the test. Lorelai is not happy about this and blasts the headmaster. I kind of get the school’s side of this, they have to make it fair and everyone else was on time so Rory shouldn’t get an exception.  Sookie has taken the risotto story one step too far now, showing up at this guys house. Woo-hoo Rory gets to take the test again, but also that voicemail makes it so obvious that Max likes Lorelai.






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