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Gilmore Girls 1×03: Kill Me Now


Emily: You can use your old golf clubs, they are upstairs gathering dust with the rest of her potential.


Lorelai has to organise a twin wedding while Rory has a golfing day with Richard and Emily wants to prove a point to Lorelai. This episode was written by Joanne Waters and directed by Adam Nimoy.


Lorelai are arguing during a weekly dinner because Emily suggests that Rory spend a day golfing with her grandfather. Lorelai is so damn certain that she will hate it.  Cut to golfing day and Rory and Richard are having a nice time, even though he seems sure he was going to hate hanging out with a 16-year-old. Back at the inn, Michel reveals his fear of swans. But that wedding was bananas, twins marrying twins – okay then.  Lorelai doesn’t like that Rory has a good time and is acting like a crazy lady when Rory says that she enjoyed it. She wants to compare bras with her teenage daughter, calm down lady. Honestly. I love Lorelai’s dress at the wedding, purple looks good on her. And the girls make up, because of course they do.  Used dessert? Emily, it was just a nice offering of dessert take it down a notch. Of course Emily has to rub it in that she was right that Rory would have fun and Lorelai sits alone as the episode fades out. Is she losing her daughter to the high society world, who knows? My favourite moment of the episode would definitely be Rory and Richard golfing together and enjoying each others company. Least favourite would just be Lorelai in the episode. She was just acting nuts over the fear of her daughter enjoying her grandfathers company.

Fun Facts:

  • The episode opens with Richard mentioning his mother like she has passed away, but she appears later on in the season.






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