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Gilmore Girls 1×02: The Lorelai’s first day at Yale


EMILY: I just thought it was important for this school to know they had a Gilmore amongst them.

LORELAI: A very good thought.

EMILY: And that some of the Gilmores actually own clothing.

LORELAI: And on that note, I have to get to work. I’ll see you later.

EMILY: Dinner, Friday night. No spurs, please.


It’s Rory’s first day at Chilton and it does not go as well as she would have liked. This was again written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and directed by Arlene Sanford.


The episode opens with Lorelai painting Rory’s toes. It is such a cute moment and I am sure what people immediately assume the show is like all the time. Cut to the next morning and Lorelai wakes up late and has to wear short shorts and a midriff shirt to drop her daughter off at her new private school. Definitely not what most mothers would wear, I will just say that. Emily Gilmore, a queen amongst the commoners, is of course there and gets about five punch lines into Lorelai for the outfit. Rory starts her school day and meets Tristan. Gross, yuck and can he just leave now. This town is very invested in Lorelai and what she is wearing which is NOT weird at all. She is their queen after all. Kirk, but not Kirk, wants to install a DSL line for Lorelai but she doesn’t want it at all. Lorelai lays down the law to Emily and tells her that she will buy uniforms and internet for her daughter as she is the mother. Back at school, Paris is so mad at the new girl Rory, who accidentally breaks her project. The girls meet up after their awful days. Rory does NOT want Lorelai to date Luke because he has the good food and coffee – if only you had a crystal ball, Rory. If only you had a crystal ball.

My favourite moment had to be Emily’s reaction to Lorelai’s outfit, just perfect. My least favourite would be Paris, Madeline and Louise sitting outside the office window looking at Rory’s file. I know it takes a while to love Paris, but this episode was not a good one for her.





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