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Gilmore Girls 5×03: Written in the stars


Rory: It wasn’t during…was it?


Lorelai and Luke have their first date, Paris deals with a devastating loss and Rory meets Logan.

My Review:

Lorelai and Rory are with Richard in the pool house for drinks and then go to Emily in the main house for dinner. They dislike it probably as much as Richard and Emily do. The next day Luke and Lorelai plan for their first real date where he is going to take her out. She wants him to flirt with her in front of Rory, but he is being a gentleman. At Yale, Paris tells Rory that Asher died and then assures her that it was not her vagina that brought him down.  Oh, Paris. She does this scene so well.

Emily and Richard argue about his car leaving oil on the driveway while sitting at opposite ends of the table. We meet Logan, Colin and Finn who are just awful – like really, really awful to Rory and Marty. Paris wants to have a wake for Asher in their dorm room, which sounds like a great idea?  Luke and Lorelai have the perfect first day where he tells the story about how he met Lorelai and my heart melts for them. Lorelai stays at Luke’s and goes downstairs the next morning to get coffee and THE ENTIRE DINER SEES HER in just his shirt.

Logan and Rory have a conversation and she doesn’t like him. I am not liking him much after his ‘call me master and commander’ comment either. Lorelai is upset that she and Luke aren’t the town gossip. Honestly, Lorelai. Honestly.  Emily rings Lorelai and tells her that Richard has gone out and she wants to meet her for a coffee but she says she can’t. Taylor asks the town what to do with Luke and Lorelai and Luke flips out and starts taking their charts. Emily shows up at Rory’s dorm and ends up consoling a devastated Paris. Marty asks Rory out and she doesn’t know if she is available, so she drives to Dean’s house and he invites her in.

Episode Highlight:

I loved Lorelai and Luke’s first date. It was amazing.






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