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Gilmore Girls 5×02: A messenger, nothing more


LORELAI: Hi, Mom. 

EMILY: Don’t! I smell like airplane.


Luke is still at the renaissance fair and Lorelai is rushing around because she doesn’t have Luke or Rory around. Dean and Lindsay’s marriage comes to a screeching halt.

My Review:

Lorelai is in a rush around town and everyone calls her ‘the blur’ because she is both everywhere and no where. But it was nice to see Lane working in the diner. Luke is still at the Renaissance fair after SEVEN weeks. Emily and Rory are enjoying Europe and Rory is waiting for Emily to take her nap so she can go to the Catacombs in HEELS. You will have no shoes left when you come back, Rory. Emily is also disappointed that the view has changed since the last time she came to Europe and stayed in that specific hotel room. She thinks the two-thousand-year-old buildings have moved. Maybe it’s just your perspective, Emily.

Lorelai is doing everything at the inn and Sookie talks to Lorelai about it. Well, more so forces Lorelai to take a break before she turns into Emily because that is where she was headed. Rory rings Lorelai and tells her about this café that she went to that hasn’t changed in the one year since they were in Europe. Then she asks Lorelai to give Dean a letter that she probably spent three MILLION dollars overnighting when she would be back in two days. Luke tells Liz that he wants to give Lorelai a necklace and Liz is so happy that he is dating Lorelai. Huzzah!

Lindsay and Dean have a public fight and she throws his clothes out the window including his hockey sticks while Lorelai and Sookie watch on.  Rory comes home and Sookie tells her about the Dean and Lindsay fight. Lorelai sends Sookie home and they head out to Luke’s until hey are stopped on the street by Lindsay and her Mum who have choice words for Rory. Lucky that Lorelai is there to put this woman back in her place, right? Lane talks to Rory about whether or not she likes Zach, which is stupid and ridiculous. Lorelai and Luke have a quiet moment outside that stopped by a marching band. Dean and Rory talk and he tells her that he was married and starts listing the people that he hurt.  Lorelai and Rory have a movie night to end a horrible day.

Episode Highlight:

I do like it when Sookie has to stop Lorelai from doing EVERYTHING at the inn.





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