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Gilmore Girls 4×22: Raincoats and Recipes


LUKE: And then when I walked you home after the wedding, there was a moment. I thought there was a moment.

LORELAI: There was! There was a moment.


The Dragonfly is opening, Lorelai and Luke have a first and so does Rory.

My Review:

Rory is wired on her finals schedule so Lorelai locks her in her bedroom and goes back to bed. I was laughing so much at this cold open. Michel wants to bring his dogs to the inn opening and gets upset that Lorelai can bring Rory but he can’t bring his two dogs. Because Rory and domesticated animals are the same thing? No, Michel. No. Rory tells Lane about Jess and mentions Dean made her feel safe. Rory honey, please don’t do something stupid. Lorelai tells Rory about Luke and Rory waves to Dean but he doesn’t wave back, so she thinks that something is wrong.

Lorelai invites her parents to stay in the bungalow next to the inn thinking they will resolve their issues or world war three will start. Meanwhile Kirk tells Luke about his night terrors and he is worried about the inn opening and asks him to help him out if he does. The guests are coming to the inn at the same time as the doors so they all have to follow their door to their rooms. Dean and Rory have a small argument and Dean says that doesn’t want Rory with Jess and they almost kiss. In public. You are a married man, Dean. A married man.  Jason shows up and says that he and Lorelai haven’t broken up. He is living in delusion land right now.

Luke asks Babette who the guy is and Babette tells him all about Jason. Now Luke is angry because he gave Lorelai flowers and everything. Emily and Richard run into the inn and are very upset with Lorelai and they see Jason. See Lorelai, you created world war three. Dean and Rory have a moment in her bedroom that ends in them having sex. Or as Rory says, he ‘borrowed’ something. Luke and Lorelai have an argument and they kiss until Kirk runs through the inn naked so Lorelai runs home. Lorelai goes home and sees Dean leaving and finds out that they had sex on Rory’s bed. Her childhood bed, gross Dean. Gross. Lorelai and Rory have an argument and Rory leaves the house. She calls Dean and Lindsay picks up, so she starts crying. On to season five.

Episode Highlight:

Luke and Lorelai finally kissing







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