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Gilmore Girls 4×21: Last week fights, this week tights.


Luke: Think of something not funny

Lorelai: I can’t


Luke and Lorelai go to the renaissance wedding while Lane and Mrs Kim finally see each other and Jess tries to redeem himself.

My Review:

Kirk is heckling Miss Patty and children because that is totally normal. Also you have three hundred jobs, Kirk. Lorelai sees Jess and rings Rory to tell her about it until she sees a horse inside the inn and neither Michel or Sookie has done anything about it. There is a HORSE inside the inn and they acted like it was nothing, I am with you on this Lorelai. Paris makes a comment about Rory’s dry spell after Tana awkwardly points out that she is alone. Back in Stars Hollow, Mrs Kim gives Lorelai mail for Lane and Lorelai tells her to talk to her.

Emily introduces Rory to a boy after her last exam for her first year of college. Mrs Kim gets someone to come over and organise a time for her to see Lane. Lorelai and Luke go to the wedding together and Lorelai helps Liz fix her dress and sees the self help book in Jess’ bag.  Meanwhile, Mrs Kim goes to Lanes and then runs to Lorelai and says that Lane is living with boys, Lorelai tells her to think of them as boys, so she goes back over and has tea with them. Meanwhile, Lorelai makes fun of the self help book and Luke defends it and they have a small argument.

Rory is having a miserable time at the pub and calls Dean. When he gets there, the credit card is left open so they go crazy and start ordering on the idiot guy.  Lorelai and Luke dance together, he walks her home (lucky the town is just one block) and then asks her out on another date. When he gets home, Jess thanks him for everything over the years and promises to pay him back the money Luke so lucratively stuffed in his car the last time. Jess then ruins this by asking Rory to run away with him and she says no.

Episode Highlight:

I loved the renaissance wedding, the whole thing.






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