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Gilmore Girls 4×20: Luke can see her face


MAN ON CASSETTE: Complete the following sentence — I feel angry because…


Lorelai, Sookie and Michel start to realise how much work they have to do before their inn opens. Luke gets a self help book to help him become closer to Lorelai.

My Review:

Lorelai is greeted by a cat at her doorstep while on the phone to Rory and assumes it is because the cat knows she is single again and calls her Babette. Rory nicely reminds her mother that Babette isn’t single. Thank you for shutting your mother down, Rory. Lorelai goes to Luke’s at five in the morning and asks him to come to the inn for an investors meeting, which he agrees to. Rory tells Paris that she doesn’t want to be her beard anymore so Paris can sneak into her class to see the professor she is dating. Sookie tries to set someone up with Lorelai, while Luke is at the investors meeting. So Lorelai pretends she is seeing Luke.

Luke goes into the bookstore and doesn’t want to show Andrew his book and goes to his apartment to listen to it. Dean and Lindsay fight and Sookie and Lorelai listen in. How can they have not seen them? Questions I ask myself. Liz tells Luke that she is marrying TJ and that Jess isn’t coming, which Luke isn’t happy about. Lorelai and Rory have a movie night/Friday dinner and Rory is pretty appalled by the movie choice. Luke goes to Jess and tries to convince him to go to the wedding and he comes to Stars Hollow in the next scene. Good job, Jess. Paris is at the hospital with her professor and Rory goes there and Paris realises that he is old. I also love that Rory finds Paris just like Lorelai found Emily in the first season – yelling at a nurse. Sookie tells Lorelai that Jackson to sleep with the zucchini and Lorelai realises that she isn’t kidding.

Paris wants to break up with the professor and they have a talk and she still wants to go to London with him. Have fun in London, Paris. Jess gets into a fight with TJ and then Luke at a strip club for the bachelor party. Meanwhile Lorelai, Jackson, Sookie and Michel sleep in the vegetable patch with the Zucchini’s and claim it was the best nights sleep they ever had. Luke talks to Jess about the fight and Jess says that he is still hung up on Rory. Luke can’t believe it, but also good on Jess for fessing up to his behaviour – at least to Luke. Luke asks Lorelai to be his date at Liz and TJ’s wedding and gives Jess his self help book

Episode Highlight:

Lorelai, Michel, Sookie and Jackson waking up with the Zucchini’s.






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