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Gilmore Girls 4×19: Afterboom


LORELAI: I’m sorry. This might be crazy, but… is my mom not staying here tonight?


Lorelai finds out that Richard has taken everything from Jason and tries to reason with her father. Rory gets an A on a paper and is worried that it wasn’t earned.

My Review:

Luke is getting divorced while Lorelai and Kirk talk about Bewitched in the post office until he reminds Lorelai that he is getting a divorce, so they quieten down. The next day, Jason is trying to redeem himself to Richard while Lorelai is on two phones one with him him and the other Rory. Michel, Lorelai and Sookie are so happy to be working again even though Sookie is carried out of the kitchen and taken to the hospital. Jason comes to Lorelai to tell her that he doesn’t have a job and that Richard has taken everything from him.

Rory is at the reading of her professor’s book with Paris who isn’t too happy with the sea of other mooning girls there.  Rory doesn’t want to go up to him and get her book signed because she is worried that her paper sucked. Doyle is there and tells Rory that the professor gets a new girl every year. Lorelai tries to ask her dad not to sue her boyfriend and it does not end well. Emily asks Richard if this is necessary because it took them so long to get Lorelai to come back into the house in the first place. Lane is upset that there is a Korean girl living with Mrs Kim, wearing her old clothes. Meanwhile, Lorelai doesn’t want to go to dinner but Rory convinces her to because it is often the only time she sees Lorelai all week.

Lane runs after the Korean exchange student and argues with her while Rory wants the professor to know that she intends to earn all of her grades and is pretty crass about it. You got an A Rory, please don’t poke the bear.  At dinner, Richard and Emily are acting very odd and they dessert to go. Lorelai and Rory watch Emily drive off afterwards. Lane sneaks into her house and kisses her Mum on the forehead, which is not creepy. Lorelai finds out her Mum is staying at a hotel after ringing around and wonders if her parents are separated. Jason tells Lorelai that he is suing her father so she breaks up with him because that is right thing to do.

Episode Highlight:

Seeing Lorelai, Michel and Sookie so happy to be back at an inn







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