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Gilmore Girls 4×18: Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!


LUKE: You’ve got one minute to order, then six minutes to eat.


Rory and Dean have to make their friendship a secret while Lorelai and Jason’s relationship is revealed over Friday dinner.

My Review:

Luke isn’t happy to see Lorelai, Sookie and Jackson in the diner with Davey and tells them they have five minutes to eat. The town smells and Taylor is trying to work out what it is when he comes into the diner with his new hair. Lorelai just wants to know where the Anvil’s went at Friday dinner and Emily says it is the most pointless conversation they have ever had. I feel you Emily. Kirk nervously confesses to Taylor that the smell in the town is fifty-nine rotting Easter eggs that he couldn’t find. And he didn’t make an egg map to find them.

Richard and Jason meet his dad on the golf course and he wants to have dinner on Friday so Lorelai and Rory will be there too. Dean and Rory argue because Dean has dropped out of college and is just working construction and Rory can’t be supportive of that at all. Taylor makes a bunch of people help find the rotting Easter eggs and Kirk is already loosing his marbles. Meanwhile, Jason is not excited about dinner with his parents and gets Lorelai nervous. Rory, on the other hand, is talking about Lindsay and she is in the market right behind them. Whoops, Rory you big mouth. Kirk has been awake all night and cannot find the rest of the eggs and Taylor is being so abusive towards him. You can just see in Luke’s face that he feels sorry for Kirk.

They go to dinner and so far everything is going so well, though everyone compliments on how nice Lorelai looks. The bomb is dropped and Richard and Jason find out that his dad is suing their company and then he lets them all know that Lorelai and Jason are seeing each other. Emily has nothing to say to Lorelai who goes to leave but is blocked in. Luke finds the eggs for Kirk and gives them to him to give to Taylor. Kirk loves Luke and wants the town to know it. Dean apologises to Rory and thanks her for not wanting him to settle, but now they have to have a secret friendship.  Emily and Richard talk briefly, while Jason and Lorelai drink at Jason’s place.  We then find out that Richard is returning to the company and Jason will have no job. This is going to end well, right??

Episode Highlight:

When Luke hadn’t Kirk the easter eggs and puts him out of his misery









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