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Gilmore Girls 4×17: Girls in bikini’s, boys doin’ the twist

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Girl: Is it raining?


Rory and Paris decide to go to spring break, meanwhile Lorelai has to bail Luke out. 

My Review:

Lorelai and Rory are offered the first ride in Kirk’s pedicab and he is struggling to ride them all the way to Luke’s. They finally get there after they decide to walk and Luke is angry because he isn’t wearing his own socks. Paris and Rory decide to go to spring break after getting soaked in the rain and Paris is going to be driving them in Glenn’s car. If Paris is going to die, she is going to make sure it is at her own hand. I just love Paris so very much. Jason gives Lorelai a key to his apartment when she is going to leave and it doesn’t go down very well with Lorelai leaving awkwardly.

Paris gets them to Florida and shaves three hours off their estimated travel time. I do not want to know how fast she was driving to get them there three hours earlier. Paris and Rory run into Madeleine and Louise the next morning and then end up in their room having a movie night instead on socialising that night. The next day, Paris tells Rory to talk to a guy she was distracted so she asked him what the giant q-tips in the water are actually called. They go to a party and Paris tries to kiss Rory so they can have fun at the party, Rory is freaked out by this. The cute guy comes back and is now interested in Rory and her girlfriend. Goodbye cute guy.

Jason and Lorelai have a moment after their date because she didn’t react the right way to him getting the key but they resolve it. Luke rings Lorelai and tells her that he is in jail and needs her to bail him out. The girls are outside drinking anf Madeleine and Louise ask about Dean. They then ring him from Rory’s phone so Rory has to leave a drunk voicemail. Back in Stars Hollow, Luke tells Lorelai that Nicole went up to their apartment with a man and has been in there for four hours. He knows what is going on, Lorelai knows what is going on. Paris and Rory are drunk and sitting on the beach and decide they are so done with spring break and decide to go home. Lorelai rings Rory the next day because Rory wasn’t at the spring break hotel anymore and Rory apologises and says they went home.

Episode Highlight:

Paris just won this whole episode for me.






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