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Gilmore Girls 4×16: The Reigning Lorelai


RORY: I don’t like that idea.

LORELAI: Why not? You get a cape.

RORY: Because if I’m the reigning Lorelai, that means you’ll be gone.


Richard’s mother passes away and Emily finds something that drives her to a breakdown.

My Review:

Emily’s friend has passed away and Richard doesn’t want to go to the funeral and she is not upset by that at all. The next day, Luke and Nicole are fighting outside and everyone is watching them from inside the diner. Later that day Sookie, Lorelai and Michel are having an inn meeting when Lorelai hears that Trix passed away. Sookie offers to make soup for Richard who is just lying on the couch in his office in despair while Emily is planning everything. Lorelai convinces him to eat the soup, which lasts about a second and a half before he gets upset again.

Rory freaks out that Trix died and she is not crying and Lorelai reminds her that she didn’t know her great grandmother that well, so it is understandable. But Rory is still worried she won’t cry at the funeral.  Emily sees a letter from Trix to Richard where she was begging him to leave Emily on the alter. Now Emily is refusing to run around and organise her funeral and leaves it to Lorelai. I had never felt sorrier for Emily than this episode. Lorelai lets Rory know about the family inbreeding – which is a topic in itself. And Emily just told Lorelai that Trix married her second cousin like it was nothing. Lorelai and Sookie get to Emily’s to check everything for the funeral and she is reading and smoking. Oh Emily.

Doyle sees Rory writing Trix obituary and lets her finish it because Rory gives him a lovely story about how she barely knew Trix.  Lorelai goes to get her grandmother underwear on the day of the funeral so she doesn’t go commando into her afterlife and has a breakdown in the underwear store. Rory offers to help Richard with giving the eulogy while she helps him with his tie and he promises he will go to her if he gets too emotional. Emily and Richard have a nice moment when Richard says that his mother will be buried with his father and not put in an earn on their mantle. Lorelai tells Rory that one day she will be the reining Lorelai and Rory doesn’t want to imagine a day without her mother. Me too Rory, me too.

Episode Highlight:

Emily with her cigarette and mojito living her best life.







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