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Gilmore Girls 4×15: Scene in a mall


RORY: What’d I miss?

EMILY: I was just admiring your mother’s life.


Lorelai and Rory go shopping and run into Emily who has become somewhat unhinged. 

My Review:

Lorelai comes into the diner with her laptop and thanks Luke for her money before asking him if Nicole was okay with it. He immediately dismisses the topic of his wife.  Kirk comes in with a bag and keeps telling Luke there is no dog in there but it doesn’t take a genius to know that there is. At Yale, Rory has a cold and Paris doesn’t want to get sick so she sprays their room and then tries to light the door handle on fire. This show is full of pyromaniacs with a death wish. No Paris, just no.

Lorelai goes to Emily and Richard’s and finds out that Rory was sick all week while watching her parents discuss which Beatles had died and Emily complain about Richard’s moustache. Lorelai finally reaches Rory on the phone when she gets home, and they agree to meet the next day and go window shopping. That will work well, right? Meanwhile, Kirk has become the town dog sitter and Luke is not worried at all. Kirk seems pretty good at this job too. The next day, Rory gets to the inn and Dean asks if she is okay when Lindsay and her mother rocks up to make lunch for him. Lane goes home to get her things and is helped by her cousin who asks her so many questions. Can this girl just shut up? Please and thank you. Lorelai and Rory hate window shopping and they run into Emily who forces them to come with her. Lane realises they don’t have things like a fridge or towels or cutlery in her new place with Zach and Brian.

Meanwhile, Emily looses her marbles on her shopping spree and wants everything in the store. Lorelai tries to talk to her and takes Emily to the food court and spend three million dollars on food even though they have no money. Emily’s amazement at the food court is just endearing. She then makes a comment that she likes how forceful Lorelai was on the phone to someone about the inn. She is envious of Lorelai (in a good way) and probably more so when Rory tells her that she also admires her mother. Luke on the other hand, talks to Dean and sees him watching Rory come out of Lorelai’s car. Oh no, the drama of Dean maybe not quite being over her. Lorelai and Rory go into the diner and help themselves to coffee and pie while sorting out the gifts Emily got them. IN FRONT OF LUKE WHO JUST FRONTED LORELAI ALL THAT MONEY. Richard and Emily have a very quiet dinner and it is sad.

Episode Highlight:

Emily going on a five-six figure shopping spree. She had me in stitches.





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