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Gilmore Girls 4×13: Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospel


LANE: Hey, did somebody sit on me just now?

LORELAI: No, why?

LANE: My hip hurts.

LORELAI: Oh, getting old…


No one is happy that Jess is in town for the day, Rory especially. Lorelai goes to Luke for help fixing a broken window and meets his sister.

My Review:

Lorelai attempts to sit on Rory to wake her up and realises that it is Lane when Rory comes out of her bedroom. That is not embarassing at all. Their house is freezing cold because Lorelai accidentally broke a window. Jess on the other hand, is trying to push is car to Gypsy’s and Lorelai and Lane are taping up the broken window with bandaids. Emily rings Lorelai and is upset that her table isn’t full for an event and tells Lorelai to bring a date. This may have been my favourite Emily scene of the entire episode, hands down. I was laughing so hard.


Liz and Lorelai meet when Lorelai sees his truck and thinks that it is Luke. Liz on the other hand thinks that she is Luke’s wife and I suddenly remembered that he was married.  They both talk about how they run to Luke for help all the time. Rory and Jess keep running into each other – in the bookstore and in the bakery. Back at Luke’s we meet TJ, who is Liz’ boyfriend. Jess tells Luke that he is an unwelcomed burden in everyones life. Jess you little jerk, honestly. Luke turns up at Lorelai’s house and he is drunk and mentions that Jess told Luke that he is an unwelcomed burden who has to fix everything.

Lorelai finds Jess and gives him a piece of her mind and I am clapping because she is saying everything that I was thinking. Jess you might try being nicer to the man who took you in when you had nothing. Emily is still carrying on at the event and is disappointed to see Lorelai turn up with Rory and tells Lorelai and Jason to pretend they are each others dates. They are good pretends because Lorelai is fed up. Luke goes to the firelight festival to say goodbye to his sister and sees that she is happy with TJ. Rory sees Jess one more time and she runs when she sees him and then she gives him a piece of her mind before he tells her he loves her, gets in his car AND LEAVES. Good riddance I say, you can find someone more in touch with their feelings Rory.

Episode Highlight:

Lorelai giving Jess a piece of her mind and setting him straight







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