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Gilmore Girls 4×12: A Family Matter


LANE: What’s “chasing the dragon?”

PARIS: I’ve gotta go 

LANE: But I don’t think you should be saying that. It might get around and I don’t…


Jason comes to spend a morning in Stars Hollow, Paris’ affair comes to a head when Jamie turns up and someone turns up to the diner who knows Luke. 

My Review:

Lorelai and Rory are on the phone and someone comes into the diner and starts talking to Luke. Meanwhile,  Lorelai is freaking Kirk out by sitting next to him and making kissing sounds. Oh, Lorelai. Back at Yale, Lane is really fitting into the dorm and running errands for everyone as well as being a make up stylist for Tana. Lorelai and Jason are spending the morning in Stars Hollow where is making business calls the whole time. Jason doesn’t want to go into Luke’s because he tailgated him into town and was honking at him like a mad man. So no coffee for Lorelai. Well, no coffee from Luke’s.

Back at Yale, Jamie finds Rory and he wants to know why Paris won’t return his calls or see him. Then he tells her that it is his birthday so Rory is officially mad at Paris for treating him so awfully. Jason is on the phone so Lorelai yells and is talking to Emily and he does the same when Emily rings her five seconds later. Oh man, can these two keep it a secret much longer? Paris broke up with Jamie over the phone and now Rory is packing her bags to go to Stars Hollow for weekend because she can’t believe how awful Paris was to Jamie.

Rory sees her mothers full fridge and is confused. There is bread and cheese and tomatoes in there. Not left overs. Emily laughs at the idea of Lorelai and Jason together like Lorelai told her the funniest joke in the world. Back in Stars Hollow Luke and (who we discover is his sister/Jess’ mother) are upstairs in the apartment talking. Jess turns up in Stars Hollow to retrieve his car and Rory sees him asleep in the backseat. Luke is furious at his family now – his sister for telling Jess about the car and Jess for showing up. But Rory only wants to know why her mother has a full fridge and no movie channels. Lorelai promises that it isn’t anything, but she is having money problems she doesn’t want her daughter to know about. Luke invites Jess to stay in the apartment upstairs so he doesn’t freeze to death.

Episode Highlight:

Rory being so amused by her mothers full fridge





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