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Gilmore Girls 4×11: In Clamor and Clangor


Lorelai: We are the witches of eastwick


Lane and her band have their first gig in New York, Lorelai and Luke fight, Rory thinks someone is talking about her.

My Review:

They’re at a funeral and trying to work out who the fifth person to die in the town, these girls are great. The church bells start working in the town and everyone is so excited to hear them ring out. The band is performing in New York and Lane has to work out how to get there, but has no way of telling Mrs Kim. Luke drops the bomb to Lorelai that he no longer lives in Stars Hollow and she freaks out when she hears it. Rory, on the other hand, hears that the guy she asked out in the laundry room is telling people that someone asked him out and thinks that it is her.

Luke and Lorelai have a second fight outside of Lorelai’s house while Sookie is inside with Davey. The band is bumped so they can’t even play and Lane is mad, she has risked everything for this. Lorelai and Luke break into the church to break the bells and Lorelai almost tells Luke why she wants him to stay in the town. Lane showed up at Rory’s dorm in the middle of the night so Rory called Lorelai who called Mrs Kim. Lane knows she is in so much trouble because she doesn’t have an excuse for her mother.

Mrs Kim didn’t show up and Lane is upset how much worse her life is than Rory’s. Mrs Kim on the other hand is upset that Lorelai and Luke both knew that Lane was alive and well and she didn’t get as much as a phone call. Rory talks to laundry room guy and finds it wasn’t her he was talking about. Mrs Kim finds all of Lane’s things that she hid from her and Lane tries to explain herself but Mrs Kim tells her she can follow her rules or leave Rory tells Lorelai about the laundry room guy and they both agree that they are self centred and self involved. Lane comes to Rory looking for a place to stay and the episode ends.

Episode Highlight:

Lane trying to explain herself to her mother.




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