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Gilmore Girls 4×10: The Nanny and The Professor


Rory: It’s Strawberry Ice cream

Doyle: It has chunks of Strawberries in it


Paris wants to talk to Rory about her affair but Rory doesn’t want to. Lorelai and Jason hit a bump in their relationship.

My Review:

Lane gets a job at Luke’s and Luke thinks she is too good and explains how he sat in silence in her job interview. Good job, Luke. There is also a discussion about the plural version of the word cul-de-sac that goes on a bit long. Lorelai and Michel go to Sookie’s for the inn meeting and Tobin is the baby sitter. Michel is not happy about this, not one bit. It is Friday dinner and there is marzipan for dessert – Lorelai and Rory hate it and spit it into napkins. Jason returns from his trip to Australia and is also given some.

Back at Yale, Rory sees Paris and they are very awkward around each other so Rory goes home and tells Lorelai that Paris is dating a sixty-year-old. This was after Rory sees her mother brush crumbs under the sink. Which is just disgusting. The way Lorelai reacts to Paris’ news is like she is also her friend.  Michel rings Lorelai and tells her that he accidentally rolled Davey under the bed. Why Sookie would allow Michel to babysit is something that I am still questioning. He tells Lorelai that he doesn’t like Tobin and she makes him promise that he will never babysit again.

Jason is surprised that Lorelai talked through an entire movie. Have you met her? She talks through anything. They meet his dog who is just bizarre.  Paris bails from the paper early and Jason asks Lorelai to sleep in the guest room. Lorelai is upset by it until she sees the guest room. Paris comes home late and wants to talk to Rory about the professor but she isn’t having two bars of it. She is literally banging drawers and cupboards to wake Rory up.  Lorelai doesn’t want to say anything to her parents until she finds out that Jason brought a date to her event who apparently didn’t wear underwear. Lorelai and Jason have an argument because she can’t tell her parents and he needs to take a date to events. Rory finds out that the professor Paris is seeing is her teacher and is weirded out by it.

Episode Highlight:

Luke and Lane working in the diner together







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