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Gilmore Girls 4×09: Ted Koppel’s big night out


LORELAI: He doesn’t look that bad.

RORY: He’s the boy who dissected a frog, did not wash his hands, and then ate a sandwich.


The Gilmore’s all head to the Harvard/Yale game and of course drama will ensue. 

My Review:

Lorelai and Rory are talking about her possibly dating Jason and Lorelai decides against it because it will cause too much trouble with her parents. Luke has hired some help and Rory knows him as a boy from school who disected a frog and washed his hands. So they start calling him ‘froggy’, but also I think we all knew one of those guys in school. Lorelai calls Jason back and says that she doesn’t want to go on a date with him and he decides that he is going to go to the restaurant anyway. At Friday dinner, Lorelai hears about the football game and wants to be invited until she realises how early she has to be awake.

Luke’s new hire is horrible and Lorelai wants Luke to fire him. He doesn’t write orders and can’t distinguish decaf from regular coffee. They go to Yale and no one is more excited for the football game than Lorelai and Rory (NOT). But Richard and Emily are so excited and are decked out in Yale merchandise. They run into Richard’s college sweetheart and Lorelai calls her ‘my almost mummy?’ LORELAI WHAT THE HELL. In no world would that be okay with your mother standing behind you. Or at all to be honest. Back in Stars Hollow, Luke sees everyone standing around and waiting for Westons to open because they hate his new hire. He sees him singing alone in the diner and tells everyone to give him ten minutes.

Lorelai, Emily and Richard meet Marty which is semi-awkward. But Rory heads off to hang out with some other Yale kids. Lorelai and Emily go to the bathroom and Emily freaks out when she sees Lorelai talking to Richard’s college sweetheart. She overhears her ask Lorelai how opening the inn was going. Emily knows that neither she or Richard mentioned that to her.  Richard admits that he and his college sweetheart have lunch once a year since they got married. Emily is furious (as we all would be) and takes it out on Lorelai. So then Lorelai decides to go on a date with Jason. They go to the restaurant he got them into a weird, private room. No, Jason. Just no. They end up in the storage room of the supermarket and then eat dinner outside of the store. It was kind of sweet, though. The episode ends with Rory seeing Paris making out with a professor.

Episode Highlight:

The initial Friday dinner when Emily asks Lorelai why she would want to go to a football game and Lorelai just says ‘well mum, I’m not the die hard fan that you are.’ It got a laugh out of me.






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