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Gilmore Girls 4×08: Die, Jerk


Richard: Emily, I am going to Google you


Rory writes a scathing review of the Ballet while Jason is still trying to pursue Lorelai. 

My Review:

Emily did not enjoy the business trip to Atlantic City and made it very known at the dinner table, but Richard seems to think it was a success. Back at school, Rory finds out that her article didn’t get into the paper because it was a ‘yawn’ and gets offended. Kid cannot take criticism, seriously. Lorelai goes to Sookie’s and Michel is not allowed to come into the house because he sneezed five days before and they have a five minute business meeting. Rory and Lorelai go to the Yale ballet and do not enjoy it and we get to hear the running commentary, so Rory writes a scathing review of the ballet.

Lane freaks out because her mother wants to send Dave the ‘marriage jug’ and she doesn’t want to marry him. They are eighteen after all. Someone wrote ‘die jerk’ on Rory’s dorm room door and Paris has assembled everyone inside and is trying to work out if the person is going to make good on it. Paris was making me laugh so hard during this episode. Lorelai freaks out that Luke is still married and is letting him know it in the middle of the diner and then walks out. The ballerina finds Rory and lets her have it in the dining room, whoops. But Paris literally says to Rory ‘it was for you?’ and then goes to her phone and says, ‘Okay, stand down. Stand down.’ I want to know exactly what Paris had planned.

Jason manages to get himself invited to Friday dinner even though Emily doesn’t like him whatsoever. This kind of impresses Lorelai who is in the room. Richard and Emily are proud of the scathing review, Lorelai is just laughing at it but also kind of shocked how brutal Rory was. Jason on the other hand uses the meal to ask ‘Emily’ what good restaurants are around so he can take Lorelai out. Lorelai is starting to get into it a little bit, her parents are oblivious though. The next day, Rory decides that she wants to re-review the ballet and Doyle says that she can’t. Lane tries to talk to her mother about the marriage jug and finds out there is no such thing as a marriage jug. Phew, she had an argument with Dave for nothing. Rory has to go and review a music performance – will she be as harsh or not? We’re left on a cliffhanger….

Epiosde Highlight:

Paris in this episode was the absolute highlight. Or Richard and Emily getting wifi.







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