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Gilmore Girls 4×07: The festival of living art


Rory: No, this time I came home to do laundry


The town are participating in the festival of the living art and Sookie goes into labour.

My Review:

Lane and the band are having their two hundredth guitarist and Rory works out that Lorelai’s washing machine is broken. She also sees that Lorelai is clipping coupons and might be having money problems. Which makes no sense because Lorelai clearly has infinite money. The next day, Sookie announces that they are going to have a home birth and Jackson’s brother is there. Lorelai is kind of grossed out and feels bad that she didn’t hide it that well.  At town meeting, Taylor announces in the town meeting that they are doing the festival of the living art and everyone finally seems really happy about a decision that he made.

Lorelai is upset the next day because she is not the Renoir girl because she flinched. Lorelai goes to Rory at Yale and watches her wash laundry. Rory finds a way to make sure that Lorelai is the Renoir girl and this is the first time you see her kind of conniving. The guitarist Lane is excited about at the town meeting shows up and he is older than they expected. This kind of freaks some of them out, mostly Zach though. At Sookie’s house, Lorelai meets the midwife who is not a big Lorelai fan. Sookie and Lorelai end up going on a walk and Andrew makes a comment that she has the gestation of an Elephant. I would have slapped him if I were Sookie.

Lane gets Rory to meet the new guitarist and Zach doesn’t want to let him in the band. Sookie comes to Lorelai’s freaking out in the middle of the night, worried that the baby thinks she is an Elephant, and falls asleep on the couch when Lorelai talks about meeting Rory for the first time. Kirk and Judas have a brawl while Rory is on the stage posing, Miss Patty is not happy. But Kirk, he is really shining this episode and has gone full method for Jesus. Lane lets the older man into the band and his family is so excited about it. Lorelai has a moment before she goes on stage worried that she will once again flinch. While she is up there, she gets a page that Sookie’s baby is coming.

Episode Highlight: 

Kirk going full method actor as Jesus to the point where he gives a long speech and draws up a crowd.









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