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Gilmore Girls 4×06: An Affair to Remember


Lorelai: If I knew you were coming I would have changed

Emily: Into what? A brassiere with the word tasty?


Lorelai and Sookie get a catering job from Emily which falls through while Rory is finding a quiet place to study.

My Review:

The episode opens with a Friday dinner that shows the perfect dynamic of Lorelai and Emily’s relationship. Lorelai also mentions that Rory is taking too many classes. Emily doesn’t like Jason one bit. She is trying to organise their company launch party and Sookie drops the bomb that Emily wants them to cater the party. Lorelai is basically screaming ‘no’ until Sookie reminds her how well Emily pays. Kirk tells Lorelai that he has a date with a girl after trying to sell Lorelai mailboxes and she tells him to go somewhere that makes him comfortable. Not his mothers living room, though. Back at Yale, Rory is starting to slowly get mad because people are too noisy for her to study.

Lorelai has to call Emily to ask about details for her event and they have an argument because she never told Emily about the catering business. Rory comes home and flips out because her bedroom is full of Broccoli tarts. Lorelai suggests this magical place called a library so Rory just huffs and goes back to Yale where she finds a nice, quiet tree to study under. Kirk goes to the diner and Luke is slowly getting mad when he wants to reserve a table and asks a customer about their meal. The next day, Lorelai and Sookie have to do a tasting for Emily at the Gilmore house and she is pushing them until she says that they are hired and Sookie is just so excited. Emily asks Jason for his party guest list and he basically throws out the whole entire thing so of course Emily takes it personally.

The next day, Rory sees someone else at her study tree and gets upset when he says that he won’t give her the tree. Kirk’s date has finally arrived and has a table reserved at Luke’s – it is such a cute date and I am happy for Kirk. Meanwhile, Emily goes to Lorelai’s house and tells her that they won’t be catering the event anymore and she is visibly telling Lorelai that the party is cancelled. My heart was breaking so bad for Emily. The next morning, Rory comes home and she is annoyed and Lorelai snaps at Rory and Sookie who are both complaining and leaves the house. Lorelai goes to Jason and they have an argument and Jason asks her out, mid argument. That is not creepy at all. The next day, Rory pays the guy twenty dollars for her g-dang study tree. TWENTY DOLLARS.

Episode Highlight: 

Lorelai making Emily repeat the word ‘balls’ in the cold open





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