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Gilmore Girls 4×05: The fundamental things apply


RORY: Okay, so the next time that Babette gives you a bag of bulbs to plant because you’re lonely, you say. . .

LORELAI: No, thank you.

RORY: Class dismissed.


Luke and Lorelai have a movie night while Rory goes on a bad date

My Review:

The episode opens and Lorelai is gardening as Rory turns up to do laundry. Rory makes a very weird vagina joke at her mother – which just shows how different their relationship is to most mother and daughters. Cut to the diner the next day and Lorelai has spaced herself across three tables and is driving Luke insane. At school, Paris turns off Rory’s alarm because Janet wakes her up at 5.30 and Rory almost misses breakfast. She runs down to the breakfast hall in her pyjamas and Marty runs up to her and wants to introduce her to his friends. Then proceeds to tell her that being naked and in your pyjamas is the same level of embarrassment.

Lorelai meets a designer for the inn and finds out that she worked with Emily. This freaks her out and Sookie convinces Lorelai to just suck it up. Like that is going to work, Sookie. A boy asks Rory on a date and Lorelai tells her to just go on the date. The worst that will happen is that she will have a crappy dinner. Rory agrees to go on the date and when Emily finds out she is not a happy woman. Almost as unhappy as Lorelai is when she just wants to know how Emily found out that Sookie is pregnant. The designer swears that she hasn’t spoken to Emily in a year. And then we find out that Jackson wanted to name the baby Colgate if it was a girl. Really Jackson, really? Thankfully it is not.

Cut to date night and Lorelai has invited Luke over to watch a movie and relax. Rory rings half way through the movie on her terrible date where she had nothing to say. Lorelai (with Luke’s help) gives her some advice and they end up talking about dating – or their disdain of it. Luke accidentally answers the phone to Emily and she and Lorelai have an argument because the designer is refusing to work with Emily again. Luke tells Lorelai that he doesn’t need to date because he knows when he is comfortable. He felt it with Rachel and Nicole and feels it with Lorelai. Rory drives to Lorelai after her date and then the next day has the courage to ask a guy out in the laundry room and he is not interested in the slightest.

Episode Highlight:

Luke and Lorelai having a movie night





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