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Gilmore Girls 4×04: Chicken or Beef?


Rory: So, I just follow the yellow stick road?


Dean is getting married on the weekend that Rory has come home to do laundry. Kirk sets Lorelai a house alarm that he can’t turn off and Lorelai jumps one last hoop before starting construction on the inn.

My Review:

Rory comes home with a haircut and sets off the house alarm that Kirk set up when Lorelai wasn’t in the house. Lorelai just wants to know why Rory got a haircut without telling her about it first. But it looks so cute on her, so it is okay. Rory is reading in the gazebo later and almost gets hit on the head by a stack of tablecloths for Dean’s wedding. She runs to Lane and reminds her that it is Lane’s responsibility to tell Rory if something like this is happening so that she doesn’t come home and can avoid it. Dean and Rory have an awkward run in when she leaves Lane’s and he invites Rory and Lorelai to the wedding.

Back at the house, Kirk can’t disable the alarm but can get Lorelai to change the code. Oh Kirk. Sookie says that Michel is upset at Lorelai so they go to see him and ask him to come to the inn with them. I love that they have a moment deciding whether or not they really want to take him, but of course they do. Rory is deciding whether or not they will go to the wedding at the diner, which is ended when Lorelai gets a letter from Taylor about starting work at the inn. Which can’t happen until he approves it, and she is furious. Taylor is acting like a child at the town meeting when Lorelai and Sookie have their presentation. Lorelai has to run out when she gets a call from the house because Kirk had tried to arrest Lane for sneaking into Lorelai’s house. Lorelai is rolling her eyes and says that she is sending over Rory. And not to arrest her either.

Dean and his friends are drunk and come into the diner together. Luke lets Dean spend the night after he keeps saying ‘Rory’ and talking about her. Lorelai and Sookie are standing outside the inn waiting for Taylor at six on a Sunday morning. They are furious, but also how many people did Taylor rope into doing this walk through with him. He is being horrible so Lorelai grabs him and begs him to ask what she has to do to get her inn. So she runs to Luke and begs him to let Taylor have an ice cream truck. Luke agrees to it immediately and Lorelai has completely lost the plot. Later, Luke begs Rory not to go to the wedding after Dean wakes up and he leaves. Kirk tells Lorelai that he is sorry and that he only set the alarm to make sure that Lorelai was safe. She (and I) were both touched by this very sweet Kirk moment that ended in his following Lorelai and Rory in his smart car.  Rory stands at the back of the wedding and watches on, almost sad.

Episode Highlight:

Kirk telling Lorelai that he only set the alarm to keep her safe





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