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Gilmore Girls 4×03: The Hobbit, The Sofa and Digger Stiles


Sookie: I thought you were joking about that?


Lorelai and Sookie have a job planning a kids birthday party while Rory and Paris become a part of the first Yale party of the year. 

My Review:

Lorelai goes to see Rory as she is heading out to class and swears she can smell Emily Gilmore in the room, so of course Rory thinks that her mother is insane. Sookie tells Lorelai that they have a party catering job that she already agreed to and Lorelai reluctantly agrees. Lorelai was bang on the money that Emily was in the dorm room when Rory sees that she re-decorated the common area. And all Emily says is ‘just teach them how to use the remote.’ That is thousands of dollars worth of furniture. Richard and Emily have an argument because Emily invited Jason over and Richard isn’t happy about it.

Paris is upset at Rory because she doesn’t want to open the door to the floor party and then calls Lorelai to beg her to let Rory open the door. Those two living together is becoming hilarious. Jason comes over and tells Richard that he wants to be his business partner to get back at his father. The part is a bust and Paris throws everyone out and Rory couldn’t care less. Back in Stars Hollow and the Star Wars party is in full swing. One teeny, tiny problem – there is no kids food at an eight year olds party. Sookie has no has a flip out at Lorelai because she thinks she will be an awful mother. Lorelai reminds her about how great she was when Rory was a child. This may be my favourite scene of the episode.

Rory leaves her room in the middle of the night and sees a naked boy named Marty and offers him her robe so he can go upstairs to his room. They recognise each other from the morning class, so at least they have that. Rory tells Lorelai that she is going to face the beast that is Emily Gilmore and tell her not to butt into Rory’s life. Lorelai is making sure that Rory is soberly making a decision to take on Emily. She chickens out the moment that Emily opens the door and Lorelai is not surprised. Richard announces that he is going into business with Jason and Emily doesn’t like that he wants to get back at his father.

Episode Highlight: 

Lorelai calming Sookie down amidst her meltdown when she thinks she won’t be a good mother.






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