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Gilmore Girls 4×02: The Lorelai’s first day at Yale


RORY: You couldn’t wait for me to get out of the house. What were you doing when I paged you – turning my room into a sewing room? I should hate you, not miss you. Do something to make me hate you.

LORELAI: Uh. . .go Hitler!


Rory and Lorelai head off to Yale and Rory embarks on a brand new chapter of her life

My Review:

Rory wants to hurry up and get to Yale but Lorelai wants to take a photo of her leaving the house. Of course she does, and Rory doesn’t seem too amused by it. They go into the diner before heading off to Yale and Lorelai has backed Luke’s truck the entire way there. He is not happy with her, either. I was about to say, well, that is impressive but Stars Hollow is literally one block. They finally get to Yale and Rory is worried about the disposing of the mattress already in her giant dorm room. Lorelai takes a map off her and makes her take in the moment of seeing her dorm room for the first time. Soon after Rory’s first dorm mate comes in and they realise she is fifteen years old and very awkward. More so than Rory in that moment.

Lorelai and Rory say goodbye to each other – so sad. Until Lorelai sees someone come in with a mini fridge and she needs to get all of this extra stuff for Rory. Back in Stars Hollow, Luke is getting even more mad when three lawyers come in and makes Lorelai his character witness, which does not go well. Back at Yale, Paris comes into the dorm and Rory realises she has another suite mate. Paris tells Rory that she got her dad to make sure they were together. Nice work, Paris. Lorelai gets back with Luke and Rory just has to show Lorelai who her new suite mate is. Lorelai is as in shock as Rory is. Luke comes into the room with the gross mattress and is refusing to let it go.

Lorelai and Rory say goodbye for a second time. Until Rory realises she can’t handle her first night without her mummy. And she has quite a speech about it too, but Lorelai swears that it is okay.  Lorelai throws a party in their dorm with sooo much food and they are rating the delivery boys. This is where you realise how much cooler Lorelai is than Rory. The girls say goodbye for a third and final time. Back in Stars Hollow, Luke is mad the matress is still in the truck.  Rory goes to freshman assembly with two girls from the party who found the good coffee, or as they say ‘Lorelai-ed’ it. Too bad Lorelai already told Rory about that coffee stand. Woman has the place wired already, clearly. Lorelai goes back to her totally empty house where it is just her and the clown pillow, alone together.

Episode Highlight:

Paris coming in the dorm and announcing to Rory that they haven’t quite got rid of each other yet.






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