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Gilmore Girls 4×01: Ballrooms and Biscotti

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LORELAI: Well, be a little less lovable, would you, ’cause it’s costing me a fortune. Try being one of those kids where people are like, “Oh really, she was kidnapped? Hey, well, thin the herd.”


Lorelai and Rory return from Europe and Rory realises she has two days before she has to head to Yale, as opposed to a week.

My Review:

Babette comes running like a mad woman to Lorelai and Rory because they came back a week after the itinerary that Rory gave her. She has somehow managed to call the consulates in Europe and now Lorelai has to call them all back. Lorelai and Rory go to Luke’s and watch him have a breakdown at Taylor. Then they remember they have no gift for him so they go to Sookie instead and find out she is having a boy. But Jackson’ doesn’t want to know, so Lorelai and Sookie goes to a shed outside. Full of baby furniture that is all blue.

Rory goes to Lane and Lorelai gives Luke a jar of jam from Jackson’s pantry. He doesn’t believe it is from Europe at all. That was such a great idea, Lorelai. Not. Also how do they remember a present for Andrew, but not Luke. Rory sees that her face is on a poster and is mad at Taylor now because he carries on that she is too good for them now that she is going to Yale. They get home and Rory realises that she wrote the date she is going back to Yale in two days and not a week from now. That means they have one day to get all of her stuff for school. They run around all day trying to go through the Yale list of things that Rory needs. Which is not ending. Lorelai says that she will finish the list and Rory can go to the Gilmore house alone for dinner.

Emily somehow turns a simple dinner into a four hour affair with Soufle and ballroom dancing videos from the 1970’s. Back at home, Luke tells Lorelai that he got married, and divorced. Lorelai is absolutely devastated by this information. Luckily this tension is stopped when Kirk comes out of Lorelai’s bushes after a sky diving attempt. Even though Lorelai told him not to do it. Lorelai goes to rescue Rory after she rings Lorelai asking her to come and save her from the ballroom dancing videos. Emily and Lorelai have an argument and you can even tell that they are exhausted by it. Lorelai and Rory end up staying and watching ballroom dancing while Emily sleeps. Off to Yale Rory girl, here we come.

Episode Highlight:

Rory letting Taylor have it for making her the ice cream queen







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