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Gilmore Girls 3×22: Those are strings, Pinnochio


Sookie: Not crying

Lorelai: Crying a little bit


Rory is graduating from high school and embarking on her next step in life, Lorelai will be doing the same. 

My Review:

It is graduation time for Miss Rory and they are going to Europe very soon. They go into Luke’s with their backpacks and Lorelai takes her shoes off. Honestly, Lorelai. Luke goes to see what condition the new inn is in before Lorelai and Sookie buy it and says it is okay. Kirk on the other hand runs out like a mad man when he sees a moth. But it looks like the new inn could work for them. Considering the old one has one guest and is being closed down. This means that at least for a little while, Lorelai and Sookie will be unemployed. Lorelai then goes to Sookie and Jackson’s house and drops the bomb that the will not be able to buy the inn because none of the Yale financing came through.

Back at the Gilmore house, Sookie lets it slip that they won’t be buying the inn and Lorelai has to tell Rory about the Yale financing. Rory doesn’t like this one teeny, tiny bit. She is not about to let her mum give up her dream of opening an inn for Yale. Before her graduation ceremony she goes to Emily and Richard and comes up with a new agreement for her to go to weekly dinners in exchange for them to pay for Yale. Emily is basically bouncing off the walls at this idea. She is so excited to have Lorelai and Rory obliged to weekly meals again. Rory tells Lorelai that she can buy the inn because Richard and Emily are paying for Yale, they have a small argument. Not an argument, really. I mean, this is a very special day for Rory and they have a massive trip coming up together.

Rory gives her valedictorian speech and I was crying, so much. It was perfect and everything that makes this show wonderful. Especially seeing Richard, Emily and more importantly Lorelai, all being honored in her speech. Sookie is bring the comedy by trying to get hold of the lawyer to buy the inn. Finally, after Rory gets her diploma, they get word that the inn is theirs. Lorelai writes on Emily’s program ‘we got the inn’ and waves it in Rory’s direction so she can see it. I was laughing so much seeing Rory’s reaction. She was just happy for her mama. After the ceremony, Richard tells Rory that he brought her a car. Which apparently everyone else also got. Off the girls head to Europe, but not before Emily says that she will seem them both at Friday dinner when they get back.

Episode Highlight:

Rory’s graduation speech. My heart was exploding.







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