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Gilmore Girls 3×20: Say Goodnight, Gracie

LORELAI: This fence is broken because of you, this crap is on the ground because of you.

RORY: What’s your point?

Fran passes away and Lorelai and Sookie wonder what will happen to her inn. Jess’ dad comes to town and this causes a rift between Luke and Jess.

My Review:
Lorelai is strangely proud that Rory was at a cop raided party. Luke is furious that Jess created so much damage. I would be too, Luke. I would be too. Lane is wondering why her mother was sleeping when she got home, and not mad. Rory is trying to be as helpful as she can by saying that maybe she slurred and Mrs Kim didn’t hear her right. Taylor walks into the diner and is announces that the ice cream shop will be open by singing about it. In someone else’s establishment. If Luke had been there, he probably would have thrown Taylor out. Back at home, Lorelai rings Emily and they have yet another argument. Oh – these two. At least, Paris is excited about prom. Rory doesn’t even know if she is going.
Fran has passed away and Sookie and Lorelai see the notice and just think about whether they could get her inn. That is not in bad form at all, really ladies. Dave goes to Mrs Kim and begs her to let Lane go to the prom with him. He then proceeds to read the bible in one sitting and Mrs Kim goes ‘that was Shakespeare.’ Oh Dave, at least you get to go to the prom with Lane, right? Luke goes to Jess’ dad and tells him to stay away from Jess who is already almost falling off the face of the earth. Rory keeps walking up to the diner and not going in and Jess is doing the same thing from inside the diner. The communication between these two is golden. Taylor of course is responsible for a marching band that was supposed to be cancelled and starts in the middle of the funeral. This is not as bad as Lorelai and Sookie TALKING through the service and only concerned about the inn that they want to buy.
Roryfinds out that Dean, the eighteen-year-old, is ENGAGED and he and Rory argue. He makes a valid point that it isn’t his fault that Jess treats her like garbage and she reminds him that he is only a teenager and about to go to university. Lorelai and Sookie talk to the lawyer WHILE HE IS CARRYING FRAN’S CASKET and he says that they can have the inn as long as their cheque clears. They are the happiest people at a funeral and will definitely not be swallowed whole by the earth.  Luke goes off at Jess when he tells Luke that he is not graduating, Luke tells Jess that he has to leave.  Kirk  is one again the town fool and a photo of him with split pants dropping the casket is in the paper the next day. Rory sees Jess on the bus and goes up to him, he STILL doesn’t tell her that he is leaving. You are world class, Jess and I for one am sure that Rory deserves better than you.
Episode Highlight:
Dave trying to beg Mrs Kim to let him please take Lane to her prom



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