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Gilmore Girls 3×19: Keg! Max!


Luke: Can the two of you please stop talking about my butt


Rory goes to watch Lane and the band performing and Lorelai is met with Max at the school’s booster club

My Review:

Lorelai and Rory have no idea what to do on a Friday night so Rory calls Richard and Emily who are having a party. That makes them feel much better, right? They are at the diner the next day and Lorelai has to go back to the booster club in fear that they will withhold Rory’s diploma. Sookie and Lorelai are talking about Luke’s butt at the inn when he is looking at the oven and Lorelai offers for Luke and Nicole spend a night at the inn. Later that evening, Lorelai is made treasurer for the booster club and has to handle their money. Because Lorelai seems like the most responsible person there. Obviously.

Jess finds out that he cannot get Rory prom tickets because he is not graduating and he is shocked about it. The principal told you that you got NINE warnings and you missed a month of school. That cannot be a shock, Jess. Rory goes to the house party early with Jess and the band. Jess is in a fantastic mood and it is at this moment I wish he would just tell Rory – look I messed up, I’m not graduating. No prom for you. Lorelai goes to the inn early and has to do turndown service of Luke and Nicole’s room and is very, very awkward about it. It was just awful to watch, just awful. Jess wants to blow the party off early and Rory has to stay for Lane. Dean and Lindsay show up and Jess is still being fantastic as per the usual.

Lorelai goes to the booster club meeting and Max isn’t there, so she goes to find him and they have a strange argument. Just leave well enough alone, Lorelai. Just leave it. Lane is drunk and calls Mrs Kim, Dave is not impressed and runs to hang up the phone. Jess and Rory are in a room alone and Jess is trying to have sex with Rory and she walks out crying. At this point, I question people as to what exactly is redeeming about Jess. The guy cracked it when Rory didn’t want to have sex, in someone else’s bed. No Jess, No. Dean sees Rory walk out crying, puts two and two together and socks Jess right in the mouth. I was not applauding (externally). They have one of the best choreographed fights that goes outside. The party is shut down by the police thirty one seconds later and Lane is throwing up in the bushes outside.

Episode Highlight:

I loved all of the band stuff at the party






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