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Gilmore Girls 3×18: Happy Birthday, Baby


LORELAI: Mom, it’s tradition for the person whose name is on the cake to do the blowing.

EMILY: Oh, I’m sorry, I thought only children liked to do that. Should we bring it back out and relight it?


RICHARD: Well, would you like to make a wish and blow out the tapers?


It is Lorelai’s birthday and Rory is planning a huge party. Meanwhile Lorelai gets $75,000 and decides to pay off the debt to her parents. 

My Review:

Richard is making dinner and Emily is not happy about it, at least she agrees to take three bites before throwing it out. Good job, Emily. Rory changes the topic by announcing that she is going to Yale and she has two very proud grandparents. It was so very sweet. There is a managers meeting  at the inn and the night manager gives Lorelai a birthday present. Michel is unhappy about this. Not once before has he cared about winning Lorelai’s affection but apparently he does. Back at home, Lorelai wants to work out what handy work Luke will do for her birthday as a present. Something he already does the other 363 days of the year. That made total sense.

Richard rings Lorelai and asks her to meet him the next day and she agrees to it after. Luke sees Jess walk up to the school and then get into his car and drive off – which means that he isn’t going. He finally worked it out, yay Luke. Paris shows up to school with her nose all bandaged up because she pierced her nose. Luke comes over to Lorelai’s house to do all of her birthday chores and tells Lorelai that he followed Jess to Walmart. Also, Lorelai. YOU GOT HIM TO WASTE A CHORE ON PULLING A SPOON OUT OF THE SINK. I would be using that five hours much more wisely. At her meeting with her dad, Lorelai finds out from Richard that she gets $75,000 just for being born. That is nice, very nice.

Back at the inn, Lorelai is getting more presents from Michel and the night manager and Michel is getting more upset. Why did this make me laugh so much? Luke has a crazy man moment with Nicole’s parents when they bring up children and Jess’ car has gone missing the next morning. There is an insinuation that Luke took the car. Lorelai has a cake at her parents house and gives Emily a cheque for what she owes her. Emily is mad, Richard is mad, Rory is mad. Lorelai goes into mum mode at Rory and tells her that it has been so hard being indebted to her parents. Really? You seemed pretty okay with it up until this point, Lorelai.  The episode ends with Lorelai seeing her birthday party in the town square which just affirms my belief that she is the queen of Stars Hollow.

Episode Highlight:

Richard and Emily finding out that Rory is going to Yale. They were sooo proud.






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