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Gilmore Girls 3×17: Tales of Poe and Fire


LORELAI: You ready? My Rory, our Rory, Stars Hollow’s Rory. . .got into Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.


Rory has to choose between Harvard, Princeton and Yale so she makes a pro/con list. The inn catches fire and the guests have to sleep at people’s homes around the town. 

My Review:

The episode opens with Lorelai and Rory making Harvard, Princeton, Yale pro/con lists. Though half the town has already weighed in and reminded Rory that it was always meant to be Harvard. Sookie is becoming way too attached to a stray cat that comes into the kitchen and she names Papaya. Because that is normal and not a health code violation. Jess is awarded employee of the month and sees that Luke has shown up and hears that he has been working forty hours a week. Which means no school, but Luke does not want to believe it. Oh, Luke.

Lorelai and Rory go to a Poe reading, Lindsay gives Rory a weird look and Nicole gives Lorelai the same one. The entire town STILL wants to know why there is a pro/con list when Rory has always been talking about Harvard. After the reading, Luke talks to Lorelai about Jess working that many hours and Lorelai suggests that he may be working when he is meant to be at school. Even after Lorelai says it, he refuses to believe it. This guy, seriously. There is a fire at the inn in the middle of the night and Lorelai takes everyone to Luke’s for breakfast. Seeing Sookie and Luke working together warms my heart, it really does. Rory goes to visit Paris and she just wants to know if Rory got into Harvard and Rory tells her that she did. Rory then goes on a rant about how Paris probably has many other college offers and Paris plays her part of her Harvard interview where she just sounds crazy.

The Poe society has to stay in people’s homes because all the hotels etc are booked up. Lorelai is helping Rory make her bed for the couple staying in her room sees the pro-con list and realises that Yale has twice the pros of the other two. Yale, here Rory comes. Jess goes to Lane’s window to see Rory and she asks him if he has been going to school because Lorelai asked her. And he wanted to know why the mother of his girlfriend wants to know if he is at school. Really, Jess? Really? Mrs Kim comes in with a cricket bat ready to whack Jess. What I would have paid to see that. Lorelai has no where to stay and ends up at Luke’s. Luke doesn’t tell Nicole that Lorelai is staying over and explains that he didn’t stop talking about Lorelai on the first date. Lorelai tells Luke about her dream and they have a very awkward moment. The inn is open again, and the place is in disarray – so there is lots of repair that needs to happen. Lorelai has made a Yale wall in replacement of the Harvard one in Rory’s room and did it while two people were sleeping in there.

Episode Highlight:

Luke and Sookie working so well together to make breakfast at the inn.





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