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Gilmore Girls 3×16: The big one


PARIS: Well, all I’ve gotta say is, after all the trouble this sex thing has caused me, I better have been good.

RORY: That’s the perspective I know and love.


Rory and Paris have to do a speech together and they find out whether or not they got into Harvard.

My Review:

Lorelai and Rory run outside when the mail comes, thinking it could be something from Harvard, but Kirk is the mailman so it could take him a week.  And he is not a good mailman, not in the least. At school, Brad makes an appearance again and he is talking to Rory and Paris is not having it, or Rory. She just wants to crush Rory. Sookie’s food is completely disgusting and it takes five minutes for Lorelai and Sookie to realise that Sookie is pregnant. At exactly the same time, which was sweet. Paris is trying to scare everyone off from auditioning for the speech at school and Rory tells her to stop terrorising people for five minutes.

Kirk is really having a hard time as a mailman in the grocery store and Dean is not having it. Poor Kirk, he is trying. Lorelai runs into Max when they both buying cold medicine or something and they have an awkward conversation. Richard is the only one at Friday dinner and there is no Emily in sight, and he is completely lost without her. Which is so sweet. Rory and Paris have to do the speech together and Paris tells Rory that she had sex. Lorelai hears Rory say that she hasn’t when she sneaks into the house and eavesdrops. Lorelai is happy and whispers ‘I’ve got the good kid’ like Paris is the worst kid in the world because she had sex. Oh, Lorelai.

It’s the day of the speech, Richard has shown up and Lorelai is trying to talk to Max and explain what happened between them. Paris shows up and looks like a zombie, this is going to go down well. She doesn’t say a word during the speech until she mentions that she couldn’t believe that she had sex and didn’t get into Harvard. And broadcasts on national TV that Rory has never had sex. Rory takes her off the stage and my heart breaks so hard for Paris. She desevered Harvard, she really did. RICHARD WAS SLEEPING THROUGH THE ENTIRE SPEECH and tells Lorelai the speech was fantastic. Okay then, Richard. Paris is crying in the weird backstage area Rory took her to and Rory is trying to comfort her and tell her that there are many other colleges who want to be in the Paris Geller business. Max and Lorelai make out in the coat room. Whoops. Jackson has finally calmed down after the pregnancy news and tells Sookie that he is so happy. The girls get home and Rory got into the big three – Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Go Rory Gilmore. But proud Lorelai in that moment is everything.

Episode Highlight:

Paris in the episode. When she is singing into the woods to scare off Brad or having a meltdown because she didn’t get into Harvard.





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