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Gilmore Girls 3×15: Face-Off


LORELAI: Mom, I know Gran gives you a hard time, but she did not tell anyone about this guy for a reason.

EMILY: Yes, because she’s embarrassed. She should be. He was dressed like a bookie.


Rory joins Lane at the town hockey game while Lorelai goes over to the Gilmore house and finds out something about her grandmother.

My Review:

The episode opens and Lorelai is mad because Taylor is telling her about his family reunion for one millionth time, says that Rory is sick and Taylor sees them run off together. Clearly Rory is very, very unwell.  It is Friday night dinner. Lorelai and Rory are trying to eat quickly but Emily isn’t having it and says that they have to eat normally and finish dessert or else they would throw in a game of charades. What I would have given to watch Emily and Richard play charades, seriously. They rush home, Lorelai is off on her date and Rory thought she had a date with Jess but she doesn’t, so she spends her night cleaning her computer. Sounds like fun Rory. Did you not think to call Jess in all of that time?

Mrs Kim has booked Zach, Dave and Brian to play at a prayer meeting and Zach is not having the song. At all. Emily comes to the inn and tells Lorelai that she can’t go home. Poor Emily. Back at home, Lorelai tells Rory not to sit at home on a Saturday night and to go to the town hockey game instead. Emily finally gets home and walks in on Trix kissing a man and backs herself outside the front door. The way she does it is just the best.  At the hockey game, Dave runs to go and see Lane on his fifteen miute break from playing hymns. Dave is really liking you Lane. Lorelai is about to leave to go to Emily’s and Jess turns up. She tells Jess that he can’t just expect Rory to sit around waiting for him to call. I was applauding so hard.

Back at the game, Rory sees Dean and his new girlfriend Lindsay. Lorelai gets to the Gilmore house and Emily tells Lorelai that Trix was kissing a man in the living room and blurts it out after Lorelai tells her not to. Emily was just so good in that scene when she told Lorelai, it may have come off as my favourite of the episode. Dean tells Rory about Lindsay and she says that is totally okay with it. Jess shows up at the hockey game with tickets for him and Rory and Rory basically forgives him for not calling her for two days. Really Rory, really. Lorelai and Richard have a nice moment laughing about the jogging suit man – something that is rare but I did enjoy. The episode ends with Rory not wanting to talk to Lorelai and laying on her bed looking off into the distance.

Episode Highlight: 

Emily telling Lorelai about Trix kissing the man in the jogging suit





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