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Gilmore Girls 3×14: Swan Song


Emily: This one eats just about anything

Rory: Grandma!


Jess is invited to the Gilmore house for dinner while Lorelai is off to New York with Alex, Sookie and Jackson. 

My review:

Emily is complaining about Trix and Lorelai and Rory are bored of it, so she changes the topic and tells Rory that she knows that she is no longer seeing Dean. When Rory mentions that she is dating Jess, Emily invites him over the following week for dinner. Rory is so squirmy about it, knowing that Jess will likely say no to it and probably be the little smart mouth we know all too well. Of course, Jess is being a jerk abour going to dinner at the Gilmore’s. To no surpise to no one ever. Rory is forced into Miss Patty’s for her one woman show and Dean is there – Jess is not happy about it. But I sure was, this may be one of my favourite parts of the episode. Rory sees Lorelai and Alex making out and then the next day, Lorelai goes upstairs at Luke’s and sees Jess and Rory and Luke tells her that he goes up every ten minutes. Lorelai reminds that is exactly how long it took to create Rory and walks out.

Lorelai tries to get Rory to stay at Emily’s because she doesn’t exactly want Jess and Rory in the house alone all night. Not after what she saw, and she is going to be in New York so she can’t stop them. Rory reassures Lorelai that she is not even thinking about sex yet. Emily and Rory are at dinner and Jess is late and has a bruise on his eye. He is refusing to tell Rory how he got it. This dinner has started very, very well. Emily is being the perfect hostess, Jess is being a little smart ass. I love that she knew exactly when to leave the room and find the salt and pepper. Emily, you perfect hostess, you. Rory and Jess have a fight and he leaves half way through the meal. Because that is not rude, not at all.

Lorelai rings the next morning and Rory tells her that Emily was a saint at dinner, and she could not be more wrong. Emily comes into Rory’s room and Lorelai tries to thank Emily for being on her best behaviour. Emily goes off at Lorelai for letting Rory anywhere near Jess and says my favourite line, ‘I wanted to smack that monosylybic mouth of his’. Mrs Kim talks to Dave with Zach and Brian in the car and tells Dave that Lane has a little crush on him. Zach and Brian tell Dave it is totally okay that he is a Christian but for some reason the ‘crush’ part went over their heads. Luke wants to know where Jess got to the black eye and takes him into the storage room to know exactly where he got it – which was from a swan. Luke is laughing so hard and I love laughing Luke. Luke reminds Jess that Emily and Lorelai both come in the Rory Gilmore package. If he wants her, he gets them too. THANK YOU LUKE. Jess lies to Rory about how he got he black eye (really Jess?) and Rory tells Lorelai that she is truly considering having sex with Jess.

Episode Highlight:

Miss Patty’s one woman show or Emily laying into Lorelai about Jess.






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