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Gilmore Girls 3×13: Dear Emily and Richard

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RORY: But we want to be spontaneous. Jump a train to Paris, head off to Spain.

LORELAI: Oh no, it’s raining in Spain. But since the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain…


Sherry gives birth to her baby and we see flashbacks of teenage Lorelai during her pregnancy to Rory.

My Review:

This episode opened with Emily and Richard almost balking at the idea that Lorelai and Rory would EVER consider to backpack Europe. I am confident that Rory told Richard this on their golfing adventure, maybe he completely forgot. Who knows. At the inn the next day, Sookie perfectly flips a golf ball cake into the bin (I was impressed) and Rory is invited to see her half sister on the day that she is born. They go home and Emily has left a box full of travel books for the girls to read, and here comes the first flashback. Sixteen-year-old Lorelai and Christopher drinking alcohol in the Gilmore house and talking about their dreams of escaping their privileged lives.

Dean and Jess go head-to-head over lunch orders at the diner and neither of them actually have the upper hand but I like this Dean, honestly. At school, Rory is having the WORST day ever. Paris chose the one yearbook photo where she is sneezing, just to be vindictive. And it just keeps getting worse for Miss Rory when she gets a call to come to the hospital because Sherry is in labour. When Rory gets there, Sherry is on the verge of breakdown. Her friends are nowhere to be found and Christopher is – I have no idea where. Sherry essentially turns Rory into her personal assistant and Rory is fine with it until she realises that no Christopher means that she will be in the room watching her sister come out of Sherry. There was also a flashback of teenage Lorelai not being able to fit in her debutante dress. Teenage Lorelai’s face was like ‘oh shit I’m pregnant’ – really Lorelai? You would have had to miss a least a couple of periods before you stop fitting into clothes. There is no way you just worked it out right now. Back at the diner, Luke is about to go out on a date with Nicole and Jess is having the time of his life making fun of Luke. I actually like this Jess, I really do.

Lorelai and Emily are having a perfectly lovely evening and Lorelai tries to learn more about what Emily does with her free time and even offers to get her a DVD player. Lorelai gets a panicked call from Rory who is begging her to please come to the hospital so she doesn’t have to go into the delivery room. Lorelai goes to her right away. I think it as this point we get a very sad flashback of Emily, Richard and Christopher’s parents discussing what to do with this pregnancy (aka Rory). Lorelai and Christopher are on the stairs watching the whole thing knowing they have no say in it. At the hospital, Lorelai gets Sherry to stop working and Christopher appears. She is wheeled into delivery and we see a flashback of Lorelai in the hospital about to have Rory. Emily is screaming at her while she is being wheeled to the delivery room and Lorelai doesn’t want her to come in. I get it, I wouldn’t want someone screaming at me while a human is coming out of me either. Christopher comes out and announces he has a baby and he and Lorelai go and see her while Rory sleeps – cue one more flashback of Lorelai and Christopher looking at baby Rory. Then there is a flashback of Emily finding Lorelai’s note and realising that they had run away, I was a mess. The episode ends with Lorelai giving her mother a brand new DVD player and helping set it up and we realise just how far they have come.

Episode Highlight:

Lorelai and Emily at dinner, enjoying each others company





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