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Gilmore Girls 3×12: Lorelai out of water


RORY: Okay, please take this the way it’s intended, but I am going to kick Dave in the shins repeatedly for the next hour and a half.

LANE: Why?

RORY: Why? Did you hear the way he was talking to you? “Play like a guy, Lane.” Well, cry like a girl, Dave! What? Why are you smiling like that?

LANE: He fooled you.


Lorelai is going on a fishing date and Rory is going to Korean wedding with Lane.

My Review:

Lorelai and Rory have to clean out their garage for the band to rehearse in and lets say that they clearly haven’t been in there for a while. But Rory was excited to see her old toy before she realised it had something crawling in it. Luke is once again mad at Taylor because of the Soda Shop construction, oh Luke. Zach tries to flirt with Lorelai who escapes inside and Lane assures Rory that Dave is only being awful to throw off the band members that they like each other.  Lane is ‘maybe’ going to her prom and is excited about being there with Dave.

Lorelai is going on a fishing date – because, well – she is Lorelai. Paris tries to impeach Rory from student council and they start arguing in the middle of the meeting. Back at the diner, Luke meets Taylor’s lawyer and Jess is being a smart mouth. Because he is Jess. Luke is laughing at the idea of Lorelai fishing and the fact that she is intending to learn how to do so by reading a book that Rory borrowed from the library. At school the next day, Paris and Rory have to go to the headmaster’s office for a meeting. Rory tries to call a truce but Paris is having none of it.

Luke tries to teach Lorelai how to fish in her front yard and they have a moment. I swear you two, just get it over and get together already. Rory is woken at 5.30 in the morning by Lorelai and briefly meets her date before going back to bed. She goes to a Korean wedding and helps Lane get the bride ready with make up that they bought from Kirk. Even though Mrs Kim already had make up.  Luke asks out Taylor’s lawyer, Nicole, and Jess is about to laugh at Luke while he is waiting tables in the diner. Lane can’t go to prom with Dave because he isn’t Korean. My heart broke so hard for her, but she was like – that was it. She was defeated and just walks off with the prom date Mrs Kim set up for her. Lorelai brings home a fish from her date that will definitely be dead the next day. She will wake in the morning and see a dead fish for sure.

Episode Highlight:

Lorelai being so sure she would learn how to fish from a book






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