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Gilmore Girls 3×11: I solemnly swear

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LORELAI: Is everything okay, Mom?

EMILY: Of course it’s okay. Why wouldn’t it be okay?

LORELAI: I don’t know. You just seem a little quiet.

EMILY: Do I? I guess I do. I don’t really have a lot to say, actually. I know, why don’t I read to you instead.


Sookie runs into an old friend while Lorelai is asked to give a deposition for Emily who is being sued by an ex-maid. 

My Review:

The episode opens with Emily being sued for wrongful termination and Lorelai is not surprised, considering how many maids have gone in and out of that house in Lorelai’s life. Emily makes a valid point that she pays them more than anyone else does and expects her money’s worth. Back at the inn, Sookie and Jackson are arguing and Lorelai is just watching on with Michel. Sookie and Lorelai mention they are going to a seminar about opening their own inn and Michel makes a snarky comment, of course. Lorelai gets a call from Emily’s lawyer saying that she has to give a deposition and she really doesn’t want to.

Lorelai and Sookie are bored out of their brains at the class and Sookie sees an old friend when they bail on the class. Lorelai is left with the other guy standing there and they have a weird, possible hitting it off moment? At school, Rory, for some reason, asks Francie to meet her in a weird, undescript garage. Really, Rory? Really? How about a bathroom or a hallway or outside the school. At the inn, Sookie panics because her friend thinks that this is a date and Lorelai tells her to say that she is married, because she is. Sookie seems kind of relieved when she mentions that.

Rory is trying to train Lorelai for her deposition and to bend the truth about Emily if she doesn’t want to feel like she is lying. Paris gets a little bit too aggressive in class toward Rory because she thinks that she betrayed her and the teacher was STANDING THERE. Like, isn’t that when a teacher would step in? They go to Friday dinner and Emily is not happy with Lorelai’s deposition. Emily reads it out to Lorelai and Rory and it has to be my favourite scene of the entire episode, hands down. Rory is just looking at Lorelai, not surprised one bit that she could not say one nice thing about her mother. Sookie tries to tell Jackson about what happened and Jackson flips out. She could have very easily just said that a guy she once knew asked her out but she of course said no.  Lorelai is asked out on a coffee date by and she agrees to go on it. I am not that invested in this just because I know that won’t last. But hey, you have fun Lorelai.

Episode Highlight:

Emily reading Lorelai’s deposition to Lorelai and Rory







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