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Gilmore Girls 3×09: A deep fried Korean thanksgiving


Lorelai: What are we, if not world champion eaters?


Lorelai and Rory go to four thanksgiving dinners.

My Review:

Sookie is panicking about the Thanksgiving dinner at the inn and Lorelai promised that it would be okay. Emily turns up at the inn and tells Lorelai that she and Rory WILL be at their house for Thanksgiving the next day and she doesn’t care if they have somewhere else to go. At school, Paris is freaking out because all the soup kitchens are full. Poor Paris, right? Rory reminds Lorelai that they now have FOUR dinners to go to and they try to cancel on Luke but he is disappointed. So, they are back to four dinners.

It’s thanksgiving and they have MANY meals to eat now, They go to the market and Lorelai tells Dean that they can still be friends. Stop number one, The Kim’s house. Dave is playing guitar at Mrs Kim’s thanksgiving and Lorelai somehow knows EVERYONE. And they eat tofurkey. They go to dinner number two and Sookie is upset at the deep fried turkey that is about to happen. Lorelai passes her a beer and starts her on the alcohol. Their third stop is the diner where Rory and Jess. Lorelai (and Babette) have a comment to make about their kissing –aka, not good. At the Gilmore’s for the FINAL stop and the topic of colleges come up. Rory reluctantly admits that she applied for Yale and Lorelai has a moment and walks onto the patio. Emily tries to talk to Lorelai and now she is mad at her because she just won’t let Rory have any part of her parents life.

We see the end of everyone’s events and Sookie is drunk, Lane gets her first kiss from Dave when he is payed twenty dollars for five hours of guitar playing and Rory and Jess kiss just as Dean appears out of the shadows. Lorelai tells Rory that she knows it doesn’t matter what school she goes to, but he she can’t help thinking that her parents meddled in this. Dean sees Jess and Rory kiss and there a very weird moment? Jess is actually being the good one in that moment.

Episode Highlight:

 Lane’s adorable-ness when Dave kisses her.





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