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Gilmore Girls 3×08: Let the games begin


Lorelai: Sorry, that was me. I wasn’t concentrating

Rory: Yes, that’s why we can’t move half a city block closer to us.


Lorelai and Rory go to Yale with Richard and Emily and Rory ends up taking an interview.

My Review:

It’s the day after the dance marathon and Lorelai and Rory are very sore and limping all the way to Luke’s diner. Luke finds out about Jess and Rory when they have a very awkward encounter at the diner and he seems pretty excited about the idea. Lorelai is hungry at the Friday dinner because the maid keeps putting walnuts in the salad. Emily is once again taking none of what Lorelai is saying. Richard tells Rory that he wants to show her around Yale and Rory tells Lorelai that she wants to go. Rory is confident that it is just a nostalgia thing and he wants to show them around his alma mater.

Rory goes to the diner and she and Jess go upstairs and are very awkward around each other and almost kiss when Luke bursts the door open. Luke lays down the ground rules to Jess when it comes to Rory and I love Luke so much when he is like this. Rory doesn’t like it when Lorelai makes a quip about Jess when Rory’s bracelet from Dean has broken. They get picked up by the Gilmore’s to go on their big road trip. At Yale, Richard and Emily tell their love story and they having the best time. I love seeing the two of them like that and Lorelai not arguing with them. This OF COURSE is not going to last because nothing good does.Richard springs a surprise interview for Yale and neither Lorelai or Rory are happy about it, but Rory does the interview.

Lorelai flips it and is trying to call a cab and Emily is trying to defend Richard. Rory tells him that she would have taken the meeting and brought her transcripts and been prepared. Emily is mad at Richard now because Lorelai and Rory got a cab home and he managed to ruin the otherwise lovely day that they were having. Good job Richard. You got all three Gilmore Girls mad at you today. Luke is mad at Lorelai that Rory and Jess are together unsupervised. He has really turned full circle on Jess and Rory now.  Rory and Jess kiss and she leaves and climbs a tree to see Dean and apologies to him. Like Rory honey, no. Just leave well enough alone. You’ve tread on that guys heart more than enough. That night, Rory and Lorelai are reading the Yale brochure – could she MAYBE go to Yale? Who knows.

Episode Highlight: 

Emily and Richard walking through Yale and telling the girls their love story







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