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Gilmore Girls 3×07: They shoot Gilmore’s, don’t they?

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Lorelai: Tell me a joke


It is dance marathon time and everyone is excited. 

My Review:

It’s dance marathon time and Lorelai wants herself a dance partner because she wants to win the thing.  At dinner, Emily is unhappy that Lorelai is so happy until her dance partner bails on her and she once again has no partner. Paris sees Jamie waiting for her at school and Rory tells her to go to coffee with him. At the Gilmore house, Lane is calling Dave and trying to work out if he is alone. Dean doesn’t understand this at all. Lorelai begs Rory to be her dance partner and Rory reluctantly agrees to it, if Paris says missing the newspaper meeting on Saturday is okay. Paris is all happy after her date so that’s a yes for Rory.

Sookie tells Lorelai that Jackson wants four kids in four years while they are waiting to sign into the marathon at 5.30am. Lorelai REALLY wants to beat Kirk this year and Rory tries to remind Lorelai that Kirk is a very sad soul. AND THE MARATHON HAS BEGUNNNN. Sorry, I just love this episode so very much. Though why are these people dancing so hard at the beginning. It is a TWENTY FOUR HOUR DANCE MARATHON. Save your energy. Dean and Jess both turn up and are watching Rory and Lorelai from the sidelines. Sookie and Jackson leave the marathon in an argument and Luke makes some very unhelpful comments.

Lorelai’s shoe breaks and she begs Luke to fix it, which of course he does. While this is happening, Lane and Dave have a moment and I am impressed with how good he is with Mrs Kim. It’s like a flipped switch. If I was Lane, I would be impressed and terrified. And Dean publicly breaks up with Rory at the marathon because she is so fixated on Jess and has been for months. And good on Dean, she has been treating him like absolute garbage and he deserves better. Rory runs out to the lake and Jess follows her and asks Rory if he has definitely broken up with Dean and then says ‘I have to go deal with something’. What a charming guy, really. He is going to run to Shane and break up with her after dragging her along with no feelings for her. You picked a winner there, Rory. Lorelai’s shoe is fixed, she runs back onto the dance floor and – no Rory in sight. Kirk wins the marathon for the FIFTH year running and Rory runs back to Lorelai, heartbroken.

Episode Highlight: 

The entire dance marathon. There, I said it.


10/10 – I think the first one I have given, but this is a truly one of my favourite episodes





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