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Gilmore Girls 3×06: Take the Devilled Eggs…


Lorelai: Okay, if rearranging Sherry’s medicine cabinet was childish, throwing eggs at Jess’ car –

Rory: Is off the charts


Rory and Lorelai go to Sherry’s baby shower and Jess gets a car. 

My Review:

The episode opens with Lorelai telling Rory that they have lots of magazine subscriptions and she  wants to end the madness.  There is a town meeting and everyone is exited about Miss Patty going on a date. It made me laugh how invested the entire town is with the ongoings of fellow townspeople. The meeting ends and Jess gets out of a car, his car. Lorelai is displeased that he is back behind the wheel, but Luke just wants to know he afforded it. Back at home, Rory gets an invite to Sherry’s baby shower and Lorelai convinces her to go – the baby is technically her sister.

Taylor doesn’t want the town loner to protest at the church but the Reverend and the Rabbi agreed to it anyway. Luke really doesn’t believe that Jess had the money for the car and asks Gypsy who sold it to him and she just tells him that he paid cash for it. Lane is not happy that Jess has a car and goes on a tangent at him about it. Which Rory kind of pipes in on for no reason whatsoever. Lorelai is forced to go to the baby shower with Rory when Sherry sees her and goes down to the car. This is by the far the worst, most horrible baby shower but Rory’s face when she is doing Karaoke is the best thing. Sherry talks to Lorelai about Christopher and Lorelai has a meltdown in the bathroom when Rory comes to find her. I do feel bad for Lorelai at this point. All Sherry did was say how attentive and wonderful Christopher was to her and the baby and I can bet Lorelai was thinking that she (and Rory) clearly got the short straw with him.

Back in Stars Hollow, Luke asks Jess where he got the money and Jess fesses up that he got it because he works and Walmart and showed Luke his employee ID card. Luke is laughing so hard about this he practically falls off his chair. Like he is giving Jess infinite amounts of crap for working for his money. He is trying to be responsible, Luke. Lorelai and Rory get back to Stars Hollow and Rory decides that they should throw the devilled eggs that Sherry gave them at Jess’ car. The next day the town loner tries (and fails) to do his protest at the church – his poster rips and you can’t hear what he is yelling out. Jess sees his newly egged car and Luke is still laughing at him about it.

Episode Highlight:

The towns reaction to Miss Patty going on a date




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