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Gilmore Girls 3×05: Eight O’Clock at the oasis


Emily: You should address yourself on the phone


Lorelai meets a man at an auction that her mother invites her to and their first date doesn’t exactly go as she would have liked.

My Review:

The diner is very busy and Luke is unhappy with the mothers taking up all of his tables. For a man who is all into people doing whatever they wanted, he seemed pretty worked up at the breastfeeding mother. Only rivalled by Jess when he came down the stairs and went back up again. Emily invites Lorelai to an auction and Michel begs her to take him because he loves a good auction. Back at home, Lorelai and Rory have a new neighbour named Dwight. Who asks Lorelai to water his lawn twice a day, while he is away.

Michel and Lorelai go to the auction and Lorelai meets a man at the auction bar, but he leaves without her even knowing his name. Rory suggests that she asks Emily because she will know, Lorelai doesn’t exactly want to her ask her. At dinner Rory keeps egging Lorelai on about the man and  Emily is shocked when Lorelai asks her for his number. But she knows exactly who the guy is. The next morning, Rory and Lorelai go to the neighbour’s house to water his plants and he has everything from a tiki bar to board games, lots of them. Lorelai says that she called the man about the date and they have already organised to go to a concert together.

Lorelai’s date does not go well and she tells Rory about it the second that she gets home. The next day, she has to return a lamp to Emily who is mad that Lorelai doesn’t want to go on a second date. Lorelai keeps reminding her mother that who she dates is none of Emily’s business. But that doesn’t stop her. Richard rings Lorelai and tells her that she has to go on the second date because it could ruin her mothers reputation at the DAR. Rory has to water the lawn back at the neighbours house and the sprinkler gets stuck. She runs down the street to find Dean after paging him and Jess sees her and runs to turn it off. They have a weird moment and when Dean pages Rory, Jess turns it back on and leaves. At dinner that night, Lorelai apologises to Emily and says she will go on the second date if it means that much to her. Emily just tells Lorelai to borrow Rory’s sweater and I guess that is done with.

Episode Highlight: 

Emily’s face when her friend was gloating about her at the auction







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