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Gilmore Girls 3×04: One’s got class, the other one dye’s.


Rory: To you, the way ice is made is probably facinating


Lorelai is asked to give a talk about her job at the Stars Hollow High career day, Lane wants to dye her hair purple  in an act of revenge.

My Review:

The episode opens in the diner with Lorelai telling Rory about all the ways that she has died in recent dreams about her death. This conversation is stopped only by Lane coming in and being so excited about her band rehearsal, which does not go well. The band wants somewhere new to rehearse so they can play loud. Lane goes into a panic because they mention Hartford, which to Lane may as well be the moon. Dave promises Lane that she will be in the band and they will find a new space.

Back at home, Lorelai is asked to talk about her business success and agrees to it and wants Luke to be the second speaker. Lane tries to talk to Mrs Kim about the band, which ends in college applications. Lots of them, to schools Lane has never heard of. Lane wants to dye her hair because she is mad at her mother, Rory picks purple for Lane. Lorelai goes to collect Luke from the diner and makes him change. Jess has a girl in the closet when Lorelai and Luke go upstairs, which Luke doesn’t know until Lorelai mentions it. Lane makes a comment that she wants someone who loves her, who she loves back and mentions Rory and Dean. Rory has a very strange reaction to this, like maybe she isn’t as into Dean as she used to be – of course she isn’t!

Lorelai has an awful experience with her career talk because the sixteen year olds keep asking questions about having a baby at sixteen. In all this time, Luke did not jump in to help poor Lorelai out. But he was having a good laugh about when they left. Lorelai, on the other hand, is never speaking at careers day again. Especially when the parade of mothers come after her and cannot believe that she spoke about being pregnant in front of sixteen year olds and said that in her case, it did work. Luke goes back to Jess and is trying to find the girl that was in the closet before. He has ‘the talk’ with him. Jess on the other hand, tells Luke that he doesn’t care about Shane (the closet girl) and that at least he isn’t bending over backwards for Rory like Luke is doing for Lorelai. Rory asks Lorelai about how her talk went and Lorelai just wants to forget the day ever existed.

Episode Highlight:

Luke laughing at Lorelai when they leave the school after her speech







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