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Gilmore Girls 3×03: Application Anxiety


Rory: It is so heavy.

Lorelai: Heavy with importance.


Rory’s application to Harvard comes in the mail and the girls fall into a blind panic and go to an alumni lunch. Lane meets someone interested in joining her band. 

My Review:

Rory gets her Harvard application in the mail while she and Lorelai are watching TV. They immediately fawn over it while Lane is taking calls about band members on the phone. Lorelai goes through the application one question at a time and gives Rory the funniest answers. I actually liked this scene a lot. Paris and Rory have to host a panel about college applications and Rory freaks out when they make a comment about not wanting to see another essay about Hilary Clinton. That was exactly what she wanted to do. But the best part was Paris telling the teacher that her yelling was her natural speaking volume.

Emily is freaking out about Rory getting into Harvard and has a million magazines and a tangent that she goes on. Rory is still shaken when she gets to the Gilmore house and Lorelai pulls her into Richard’s study where they both freak out. Paris rings Rory and she is freaking out too. Everyone is freaking out now. Luke is mad at Taylor because he wants to open a soda shop next door to the diner. Lorelai and Rory go to a Harvard alumni lunch on the headmasters suggestion and these people are kind of weird. They have rounds of questions during lunch and Lorelai’s face when it is her turn to answer the question is the best thing I have seen. Rory sees their other daughter upstairs and they have a conversation. Lorelai finds them and Rory thanks her mother for not putting her on a conveyor belt.

There is a town meeting and Luke is not happy. Taylor really wants the soda/ice cream shop to happen and Lorelai and Rory back his idea. The second they say that they want it, Luke backs down so quickly. I think my favourite part of the whole thing was the diorama of the town. Adam Brody appears and he wants to be a part of Lane’s band. They go over and listen to a demo he brought with him. Rory is as calm as can be now about college, that lunch did her good. Dean wants to know  what will happen after she graduates and Rory has no answer for him. Jackson asks Lorelai if he can put his old tools in Rory’s room after she moves out and it hits Lorelai that Rory will be gone in a few months. The next day the mother and daughter hang out.

Episode Highlight: 

Lorelai and Rory with the application at the start of the episode.




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