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Gilmore Girls 3×02: Haunted Leg


Lorelai: Why a cold? Everyone can get a cold.


Rory is sworn into student government and the drama from the week before with Lorelai and Emily comes to a head.

My Review:

Lorelai and Emily are mad at each other over what happened at the the last dinner. Rory is trying to bring up a conversation between them. The next morning, Jess and his girlfriend are making out in the middle of the diner. Rory is still mad about this, but quietens down when Dean comes in. Lorelai has a cold and Luke is carrying on about the food that she eats. At the inn, Kirk asks Lorelai out on a date and calls her ‘the prettiest woman he has ever seen, out of a filthy magazine.’ So close Kirk, so damn close. Lorelai and Rory have a bit of a laugh about it but Lorelai has no idea how to let him down.

Rory is sworn into student body government and invites Lorelai and Emily to watch it. They have a moment, both being bored in the ceremony. Afterwards, Emily asks Lorelai to have lunch at Luke’s diner. The first student government meeting happens and Paris is being Paris. How no one touched the donuts or the coffee in the hour they were there aggravated me to no end. Lorelai is dreading the lunch with her mother because she knows it will be a disaster.  At lunch, Emily is trying to butt in between Lorelai and Christopher so another argument happens between them. Francie just wants her hemline proposal to go through and gets two girls to pull Rory into the bathroom. Rory asks Paris to push the hemline proposal through and Paris agrees to it.

Christopher crashes the Friday dinner and Rory goes off at him in one of her best scenes. I felt sorry for her in that moment. Lorelai is upset, really upset by it. Emily jumps in and defends Lorelai by telling him to leave. Lorelai almost smiles at her mother when that happens and everything is right between them again. Christopher rides off into the dark on his motor cycle. Back in Stars Hollow, the girls are buying junk food and Lorelai runs into Kirk. She lets him down very sweetly and says that she doesn’t want to jeopardise their friendship. Better luck next time Kirk.  Rory and Jess have an argument in the market because he never heard anything from her over the summer but she also didn’t hear anything from him, so they were both in the wrong.

Episode Highlight:

Kirk asking Lorelai out on a date





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