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Gilmore Girls 3×01: Those Lazy – Crazy – Hazy Days

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LUKE: Is that so bad? I mean, you got Rory.

LORELAI: Yes, I do.

LUKE: You got friends, you got a house, a job, apparently an iron stomach.


Rory is back from her summer in Washington and more torn between Jess and Dean. Lorelai tells her parents about Christopher.

My Review:

The episode opens with a weird dream sequence – Lorelai is pregnant with Luke’s twins and I don’t know that I liked it that much. Cut to non-dream and Sookie wants to paint her house. Jackson doesn’t want the house to change. That won’t cause an argument at all. Paris doesn’t notice that a guy asks her out after she harasses politicians at the breakfast mixer. Rory has to tell her that she is going on a date. Emily rings Lorelai, they have a brief argument and Lorelai manages to get Rory out dinner at her grandparents. So that she can see Dean when she gets back, like Rory has been thinking about her boyfriend.

Before the date, Paris is having a breakdown and I just love that she has two levels. Obnoxiously confident or extremely insecure. To the point that she begs Rory to hide in a closet so that the guy doesn’t second guess going on a date with Paris. Even though he has seen Rory all of the trip. Rory is back home and Lorelai is happy to have her back, so much so they fall over each other at the airport. They go home and Rory gets all dressed up for the town event that afternoon. Lorelai keeps asking her why she is getting so dressed up. They get there and Rory cannot focus on anything and is just looking for Jess, until she sees him. Rory is all angry because Jess is dating someone else and tells Lorelai that she kissed Jess. Lorelai is mad at Rory now for treating Dean like dirt, and I have never agreed with Lorelai more.

Emily and Richard hear the news about Christopher and they blast Lorelai about it, while she is at the dinner alone. Lorelai walks out and they don’t even notice her leave. She gets to the diner and just wants a coffee and an understanding friend. She makes up a new name for herself and talks to Luke in my favourite scenes of the episode. I had never felt more sorry for Lorelai. She loves that she is independent and has never needed anyone, but she does want it. And Luke just reassures her that it will happen for her. Oh, Luke. Luke gives her a donut to go and she gets home where Rory is there. The mother and daughter reconcile and all is kind of good in the world of Stars Hollow.

Episode Highlight:

Lorelai and Luke in the diner.






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